About Fully Automated Garden Robot – GrowBot

Thanks for visiting our site and your interest in GrowBot. 🙂

What is GrowBot?

  1. a sustainable way to grow the vegetables you eat
  2. an affordable way to grow the vegetables you eat
  3. a convenient way to grow the vegetables you eat
  4. a way to build and grow your community

Our core is “Make the World Better” what ever we do does it “Make the World Better“?

GrowBot Usage

  1. uses 90% less water than traditional farming
  2. uses 70% less fertilizer than traditional farming
  3. uses NO pesticides
  4. uses NO herbicides
  5. uses NO fungicides
  6. +99% less fertilizer runoff
  7. no erosion
  8. no soil runoff
  9. extended growing season
  10. one fifth the land usage of traditional farming

GrowBot Manufacturing

  1. we build GrowBots to be easily affordable to people who are in the poverty income bracket
    1. There are far more people in the poverty income bracket than any other income bracket
  2. to keep cost down we use manufacturing methods that minimize waste
  3. all our vendors pay a living wage
  4. for each GrowBot built we give $10 to Trees for the Future which they use to plant 100 trees which massively offsets our carbon footprint

GrowBot Marketing

  1. 90% online
  2. what we do print is on non-gloss recycled paper
  3. no deceptive advertising
  4. mostly education based advertising

GrowBot Support

  1. all online
  2. mostly automated

GrowBot Sales

  1. mostly automated

GrowBot Research and Development

  1. use off the shelf components as much as possible
  2. re-use tools
  3. re-use materials
  4. re-use components

GrowBot Employees

  1. Healthy Work Environment
  2. 100% work from home
  3. living+ wage
  4. very good health insurance
  5. support in getting ‘Smart Lifed’

GrowBot Vendors

  1. once we solidify the relationship we only do due diligence shopping around
  2. we support them in getting their employees ‘Smart Lifed’

GrowBot Packaging

  1. minimal
  2. all cardboard or unbleached / died paper
  3. no plastic
  4. very little bleached labels
  5. plant based inks