Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I grow outdoors?
    1. yes 
  2. Can I grow indoors?
    1. Yes 
    2. You might need LED grow lights 
  3. Can i grow greens, root vegetables and big plants?
    1. yes 
  4. How does it work?
    1. our system takes care of watering and our AI ads the nutrients 
    2. no need for EC or PH monitoring or adjustments
  5. Do i need to be a green thumb?
    1. no – just about anyone can use our system 
  6. What kind of nutrients does it need?
    1. we recommend maxi-grow but nearly any balanced seed to flower nutrient will work
  7. Can the GrowBot grow marijuana?
    1. yes – check with your local laws to make sure it’s legal for you to do so
    2. if it is legal then we recommend getting the extra nutrient tank
  8. What do I need for the best outdoor plant growth?
    1. full sun
    2. water hose
    3. wifi
    4. good weather
  9. What do I need for the best indoor plant growth?
    1. indoor package or upgrade
    2. 9v power supply
    3. LED grow light
    4. timer to control LED grow light and power to the GrowBot
  10. How much will one GrowBot grow?
    1. if planted with mostly greens one big dinner plate salad per day about 48 to 60 milligrams
  11. How long does it take to grow?
    1. generally GrowBots will naturally speed up growth by about 30%. Example lettuce is typically 45 days to go from seed to harvest … with a growbot its 30days from seed to harvest.
  12. How often do you harvest?
    1. for most greens you can pick most of the large leaves then pick again in a few days all season long
    2. some fruiting vegetables you can pick again and again and again all season
    3. some vegetables can only be picked once or just a few times