Connect GrowBot to WaterHose

Keep your plants thriving and you with no headaches by getting a GrowBot that waters itself automatically. Connect a water hose to your GrowBot and just leave it on. For even more peace of mind get a sprinkler timer that only turns the hose on for a little while once day. The sprinkler timer helps to insure your water hose lasts much longer and if the hose were to break then the leaking hose will only be leaking the time the sprinkler is on. You might also want a ‘check valve’ check valves keep water that’s in the hose from flowing back into your faucet. Check valves are required in many municipalities.  Water hoses .. food grade water hoses are what we recommend they are often the same price as a regular hose of similar quality. Finally water hose splitters if you need to use your water hose for other tasks like a sprinkler system then you will want the splitter.

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Buy Food Grade Water Hose

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