Download Model M Kit

Download the PDF: growbot_model_m_build

We recommend printing so it’s easy to reference. However it is also great to have something you can zoom in with during final assembly for routing tubes and wires. 


  1. If your wood thickness is more increase the width and height.
  2. If your tank has different dimensions increase or decrease the height of the end boards and width of the end and bottom boards.
  3. The wood will most likely split if you don’t use counter sunk pilot holes — don’t over tighten
  4. Don’t hurt yourself! If you are not comfortable with safely using power tools get help! Go slow!
  5. Needless to say .. but we are saying it we are NOT responsible for your actions or inactions how you assemble the kit or how you use the kit.   


  1. the top of the top boards are flush with the top of the box (it just looks cleaner)
  2. the solar panel will rest on the top of the legs without having to chisel out part of the side boards
  3. it will be pretty and work great
  4. it will last you a very long time and provide an unreal amount of food  


When assembling the frame we use an 18gauge bradley nail gun with 1.5in bradley nails to ‘tack’ the boards in place prior to drilling the pilot holes. We recommend counter sunk pilot holes for all the framing holes. 

Be careful. Go slow. Be careful. The goal is an awesome machine that serves you a long time.

Get Started

  1. Gather your materials and parts
  2. Cut the materials per the drawing
  3. Make sure you cut the 36in piece of 1in PVC pipe 
  4. Assemble the box per the drawing
  5. Drill the pilot holes for the camera pole straps and food/nutrient jar straps 
  6. Assemble the lid per drawing, put in the jar and place the completed lid and pumps in the jar
  7. Attach the camera poll 
  8. Place the nutrient jar
  9. Drill or cut the holes for the camera wire, tie wrap for the water valve and the control board light
  10. Attach the pipe strap that holds the nutrient jar
  11. Hammer in the two nails for holding the control board
  12. Insert the tie wrap do NOT tighten the tie wrap – ever.
  13. Place the control board, food jar, smart camera, and water valve refer to the drawing
  14. Route the wires per the drawing 
    1. do not mount the smart camera yet
    2. do not connect the solar panel yet
    3. connect the wires by matching the labels on the wires to the ports on the control board
    4. The board is not indestructible — be gentle — don’t break the control board
  15. From this point you follow the assembly instructions!