Smart Life

You have everything you need to live a carefree life. You only work for pocket money, travel money and or other non-essentials.

How can people have everything they need with out working?

  1. First you need to want it
  2. then you need to invest in it
  3. you need to maintain it


  1. you own your home and or life long lease
  2. your home is fully solar/wind/geothermal powered
  3. you have an electric car powered from your home
  4. you grow your own food with GrowBots and if possible also have food trees
  5. you have rain water capture
  6. you have proper water management and proper water treatment
  7. you recycle everything
  8. you 3d print the majority of what you need / want from the items you recycle
  9. you connect to your neighbors who connect to their neighbors to provide nearly free Internet access to everyone

Numbers 7, 8, and 9 are still works in progress.

You might ask why would people work if they don’t need money? Our answer is because they love what they do.