Introducing GrowBot: a robot that grows a garden automatically.

Introducing GrowBot: a robot that grows a garden automatically.

Busy families can have all the fun and health-benefits of gardening 365-days a year with this robotic garden that’s easy to set up and use.

Easy Set-Up

100% Automated Watering + Feeding

Grows 30% Faster

100% FUN For The Whole Family

Garden, without the effort…

Garden, without the effort…

The easiest way to eat garden-fresh food, every day.

Watch The Video To Learn Why GrowBot Is The Easiest Way To Grow Food At Home!

Watch The Video To Learn Why GrowBot Is The Easiest Way To Grow Food At Home!

Grow Food, Smarter.

Harvest At Home
Healthy + Practical + Beautiful + Bountiful
Eat garden fresh, every day…

“The GrowBot was so easy to set up!”

Lisa, NY

“I love that I can keep growing indoors during the winter and always have fresh greens”

Ben, NY

“The whole family loves watching the plants grow!”

Mike, IL

“We find the GrowBot so easy to use, which is why we’ve been eating so many more salads!”

Ben, FL

“I’ve been ‘hit and miss’ with gardens, but I don’t like killing plants! I don’t want to worry about it, and with GrowBot I don’t have to worry about it – I just see the plants coming up healthy. I’m absolutely thrilled. It makes sense to have one of these in everyone’s homes.”

Holly, HI

“The plants in my GrowBot are thriving! This year nothing grew in the yard except for the plants in my GrowBot.”

Alexis, CO

Meet GrowBot Owner, Mike…


It’s easy to get excited about a garden, set it up, plant everything, but then get caught up in other things and forget about it…

We’re a young family. We both work. We’re exhausted…

Our intention is to be sustainable and healthy…

But I’m tired and busy… ( my actions don’t follow my intentions at all times…)

We’ve had 3 or 4 gardens we let dry up.

It starts getting late and I’ll ask my wife do you want to garden? (We both don’t want to.) We say “Hopefully it rains tomorrow” and we go to sleep.

It’s the same reason I have a Roomba… In theory I have time to vacuum, I just don’t want to do it, especially every day. Especially with two kids and two cats…

We like anything we can get that allows us to “set it and forget it.”

That’s why we love the GrowBot.

The Roomba costs more than the GrowBot, but that thing doesn’t feed me. It just cleans my house.

The GrowBot feeds my family! And it saves me money, since I would otherwise be buying organics at the farmer’s market.

Grown is better than bought.

For families that have no time to garden: the GrowBot is a robotic garden that grows itself!

The GrowBot Can Grow Everything!

Strawberries, canteloupe, watermelons, pumpkins, squash, peas, carrots, beats, onions, chili peppers, eggplants, leafy greens, tomatoes all kinds of potatoes, and just about everything else.

60-Day Money-Back Guaranty

5-Year Warranty

World-Class Lifetime Customer Support