Research, design, build prototypes, test prototypes, endless tests, refines, endlessly refines, builds production units, designs manufacturing processes, programs, supports, fixes, markets, builds community, communicates, purchasing, quality control and etc ..


GrowBots are  the most advanced hydroponic garden robots on the market. We built something that did not exist before we built it. We use everything from cutting edge low power computing, micro solar power grids, the same programming technology used in autonomous vehicles and AI, bio-mimicry and a lot of stuff we had to develop in house because it exists no where else.

Presently we hire from the community of GrowBot users that both love GrowBot and tell us we can improve it, or love GrowBot and we can make it cheaper or love GrowBot and say we can market it better.

Do you want to work with us?

Fortunately we are diverse. You will be working with passionate, focused, and very very smart women, men, old people, young people,  people with kids, people that are gay or straight, people that are religious nuts, people that are fit, people that are way not fit, of any ethnicity or mix, of academic backgrounds, completely unschooled, people that are anti-religion etc. Diversity of views, diversity of mindsets, diversity of character builds the best products for the widest possible market – everyone that eats.

We expect you to flip flop based on new information and fail BUT also to succeed at levels you never ever dreamed. We also expect you to fail and fail badly even after you have had a huge success.

Nothing is done without testing, testing, testing and more testing – basically data, data and more data.

Fault Tolerance – this is big. Your future co-workers hire you and will fire you or you will fire them and you will hire them. Every year you have to take at least a  two week paid vacation this allows us to always have people that can step into your shoes.

No need to become un-fireable. We don’t lay people off if we outsource their job, automate their job, your job simply ends or your project is simply over. You have to find yourself a new job in the company or create your new job most likely other teams will be asking for your help. We will even give you money and resources to start your new job. We have huge job turnover and but very very low employee turn over.

We value brilliant productive projects but we know that people are living lives outside work. So we give space for the years where romantic dinners, ball games, ballet, picnics, traveling etc are more important than meetings and getting in early and staying late. Merit is huge but no one is expecting you to make your private life a sacrifice.  We work very very smart, very focused.

Why you want to work at GrowBot

To be your best. To be part of something that is greater than what you can achieve alone. To have a secure job and long-term financial security. To be surrounded by smart, creative and empowered people. To not compromise on your highest ideals. To make the world better not only for you and your family and friends but for everyone.