Easy Garden – Supplies

Supplies For Your GrowBot

Your Hydroponic Easy Garden – GrowBots need nutrients and seeds to thrive.

Most any PH buffered nutrient will work.

We recommend 1/4 cup of Maxigro nutrient to 1/2 gallon water pre-mixed and used to top off the nutrient tank once a week for seedlings and sprouts. Once the plants are an 1 inch/2.5cm high add 1/2cup of maxi grow to a half gallon of nutrients.

*if you have a couple of big plants like cucumbers and tomatoes +3ft(1m) that are outside the cameras view you can add a teaspoon extra directly beneath water circulation several times a week.


Pure Blend Tea

The nutrient to add into the reservoir is Botanicare Pure Blend Tea or Maxigro. You simply pour the tea into your nutrient tanks and that’s it. The Maxigro needs you to put a quarter cup of nutrient per half gallon of water mix and add to the reservoir.

Water Hose Setup

If you are operating your GrowBot outdoors then you can use a water hose. Get a food grade or potable water hose, water hose splitter and either a simple sprinkler timer or a more modern timer for your local hardware store or online. 

Plant ties!

As plants get bigger and bigger many will need a little extra support. Tomato cages and trellises are available at most garden centers and nurseries.

Easy Watering Can for One GrowBot

this watering can makes it quite easy and not messy to mix the nutrients then refill your nutrient reservoir.

Watering Can for 2 to 5 Growbots

watering can 2.6 gallon long spout bpa free

Watering can 2.6 gallon BPA free long spout so you can easily poor into jars.


Help your plants in high heat!

If your plants will be having some days in the +80F or higher temperatures then you might want to add some extra nutrients.  I have had good results by adding 5ml of Silica and 5ml Calcium + Magnesium every couple of days. I add the nutrients directly to the main tanks.  You can raise a netpot out of the nutrient just be mindful to minimize disturbing the roots.

When replanting in the model T you will need coconut core. You place the seeds in this naturally produced easy on the environment growing media.

If you need extra perlite bags for your Model M

Bugs! When we see bugs like ants, aphids, or caterpillars we give em a little of this.

Our favorite seed company is rareseeds.com! Totally love em! However if you have some you love let us know!

If you have suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to let us know!