Model M Kit

A super easy garden that produces an abundance of food sustainably and cheap.

Grows vegetables and fruits 30% faster than a conventional or raised bed garden. Can also grow root vegetables unlike hydroponic systems. 

Environmentally sustainable because it is solar powered, uses 90% less water, uses 1/5th the land, uses 70% less fertilizer than a conventional or raised bed garden. Does not require weekly or bi-monthly flushing like hydroponic systems. 


  • 1 Solar Panel
  • 1 Smart Camera
  • 1 GrowBot Control Board
  • 1 Water Sensor
  • 1 Water Valve with tube
  • 1 Water Circulation Pump with tube
  • 1 Nutrient Pump with tube
  • 1 Nutrient Circulation Pump
  • 1 Nutrient Jar Lid
  • Online written and or video directions for construction of the GrowBot frame. 

What else is needed?

  • Greenmade 27 Gallon Storage Tote from Costco  
  • 8 1 gallon felt material growbags (Amazon or local hydroponics store)
  • 6 gallons of medium perlite (Amazon, plant nursery or local hydroponics store)
  • 36in x 1in white PVC pipe normally bought in 10ft lengths (local hardware store)
  • 2 1in pvc pipe straps and 4 3/4in screws (local hardware store)
  • 1 64oz wide mouth mason jar (craft stores, some local hardware stores and Walmart
  • 60 1 1/2in deck screws
  • 2 1in pipe straps with 4 3/4in #8 wood screws
  • wood box to go around the tote and growbot components
    • internal dimensions of 35 7/8th length x 31 3/4in width x 14 3/4in height) 
    • often made from 7 5/8in x 5-1/2in x 6ft cedar picket fence boards, 1 2in x 2in x 6-1/2ft redwood board
  • 1 11in piece of plastic pipe strap with 2 #8 3/4in wood screws
  • 1 12in long tie wrap

You can use different wood and different totes you will need to adjust dimensions accordingly.

Other Requirements

  • Internet – wifi – 2.4g (most routers support it)
  • water hose with good pressure
  • location with full sun
  • pc or smart phone with wifi — needed to configure the GrowBots wifi access very similar to configuring Alexa / Google TV or other IOS devices the first time you use them.