Easy Robotic Garden

Easy Garden

Automated watering and feeding and NO weeding or digging MyGrowBot easy garden is the ultimate easy garden.

MyGrowBot Easy Garden will even send you an email with what is growing, now how is that for easy?

How was Easy Garden built? We had the same problems as most everyone else – gardening is hard, dirty and well hard. Our solution was to build MyGrowBot Easy Garden we took the best parts of raised beds, hydroponics and permaculture. Then combined those age old technologies with the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to create something truly unique and very very very easy to use. We love it and we hope you will to.

#1 Easy Garden Idea

  1. Automated Watering [more]
  2. Automated Feeding/Fertilizing (Artificial Intelligence – AI) [more]
  3. See Whats Growing On Your Cellphone or Computer (IOT) [more]
  4. Great for Beginners or Anyone Wanting an Easy Garden [more]
  5. Grows a Wide Variety Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers [more]
  6. Can Grow a Salad a Day [more]
  7. More Convenient Than Shopping [more]
  8. The Freshest Vegetables [more]
  9. Solar Powered [more]
  10. Your Sunny Location [more]
  11. An Easy Garden That Really Works [more]
  12. 95% Less Water Than a Traditional Garden [more]
  13. Uses 70% Less Fertilizer Than a Traditional Garden [more]
  14. Uses 1/5 the space of a traditional garden! [more]

Purchase Your GrowBot

Your MyGrowBot will automatically add water as needed.

Your easy garden has a high resolution camera and the intelligence to analyze the growth of your plants and adjust nutrients automatically.  You only need to top off the nutrients every 10 or so days and the system will send you a reminder.

Controls Pumps, Water Sensors and Valves

Your easy robotic garden - mygrowbot is wifi enabled. This modern feature brings your garden into your life as you live it now. Nearly every afternoon you will get a picture like this.

When the garden just takes care of itself, it's easier.

MyGrowBot will water itself, feed itself and send you pictures so you know when to pick.



MyGrowBot grows a huge variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. What we have tested and has done well so far is:
lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, eggplant, boc choi, arugula, tatsoi, spinach, okra, mizuma,  basil, rosemary, thyme, kale, collards, oregano, squash and many flowers. Note: big plants need to be on the back edge and will likely need a trellis.

Generally most annuals, and perennials that don't have big roots like potatoes, carrots, turnips etc.

Your easy robotic garden has three growing areas of 20 plants each. This allows you to have baby plants(seedlings), juvenile and mature plants. This system allows you to be able to harvest from the mature plants while young ones are maturing. Generally picking from just 4 or 5 mature lettuce plants is enough for a really big salad. After 3 or 4 days the plants you just harvested from are ready to be harvested again.


You come home or just decided to stay in all day. Your GrowBot is just a few steps from your kitchen. Pick your veggies and rinse is faster than getting into your car and driving to the store. Way faster.

What Would You Prefer

  1. Picked Months Ago?
  2. Picked Weeks Ago?
  3. Picked Days Ago?
  4. Just Picked?

Your easy automated garden needs reliable power so it can maximize your gardens growth and vitality.

A large solar panel plus batteries keeps the GrowBot humming along even on partially cloudy days.

Nearly any sunny yard or patio is perfect for GrowBot.

Any place that grows full sun for 4+ hours per day is a great place for your GrowBot.

Will easily fit on your patio or yard.


Gardening the Way it is Supposed To Be

Easy and Cheap!

Your fully functioning GrowBot produces about $3 a day in value but operates for less than thirty cents a day.

When was the last time you went to the store and got a big organic salad for thirty cents?

You can pick a big salad from just 4 or 5 plants leaving a few big leaves to fuel growth. In about 4 days the lettuce has regrown and is ready to be picked again.

When your water your traditional garden 95% or more of the water will simply soak into the ground, run off and or evaporate.

GrowBots will maximize your water which helps to minimize your water bill. The most we have ever seen a GrowBot use was about 2 gallons a day but most days it is far less than that.

GrowBots Can Also Use Rainwater

GrowBots uses only a third of the fertilizer that a traditional garden uses.

Our Secret?

All the fertilizer is used. Normally fertilizer is lost to run off(which means you poisoned your local streams), missed the target(aka you fertilized the weeds) and or  drains into the water table(which means you probably poisoned your own water).

GrowBots add just a few drops of fertilizer(organic compost tea) to your easy garden every day. This allows your plants to get all the nutrients they need to thrive but not so much that it poisons your plants. (patent pending)

Nutrients are automatically added based on real plant growth (patent pending).

Easy Garden

Grow more with less effort and less space.

  1. GrowBots shorten the growth cycle by up to a third for most vegetables
  2. GrowBots extend most growing seasons by two months
  3. Plants need less space because it nourishes the roots directly.
  4. Plants take up less space because it does need walking space between rows.

Grow a lot of vegetables in very little space!