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You can pick a big salad nearly everyday.

Easy gardens have automated watering, feeding and seamless integration with your email. Continuous bounty because you have enough space to have baby and juvenile plants growing while you are harvesting from mature plants.

5 Year Warranty

Hungry? Walk over to your GrowBot and pick a salad. Rinse the lettuce, arugula, chard, etc chop and put on your plate. Eat it. It’s that easy, fast and convenient.

Care? On average once a week top off your nutrients. Every few months remove old plants and start new ones.

100 trees planted by Trees For The Future for each each GrowBot sold.

Cedar frame is naturally pest and rot resistant.

High quality food grade hydroponic water trays allow for sturdy root growth.

Water lines and tops are made from food grade materials, durable and long lasting.

Solar panels are sealed in tempered glass, which helps to keep the solar cells in great working order for many years.

What is included in with a GrowBot:  GrowBot computer including camera, solar powered batteries, Wi-Fi, solar panel, 3 circulation pumps, 3 water hoses for circulation, water distribution system, 3 feeding pumps, 3 water valves, 3 nutrient reservoirs,  60 net pots, 3 water sensors, 3 trays, 3 tray tops, redwood frame with legs.

What you need:  location with 4+ hours of full sun, Wi-Fi, water hose attached to faucet with 15 to 100 psi of pressure(most homes) and keep your GrowBot above freezing*.

Good To Know

  • Never a need to water, dig or weed.
  • Have tasty herbs at your fingertips everyday.
  • Can also grow trellis-loving plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers by adding a trellis.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Works with a variety of different nutrients from different vendors.
  • Beautiful addition to your patio or yard.
  • Unbelievably easy to use, no green thumb required.
  • Grows a big salad with lots of variety everyday.
  • A great gift for the plant and vegetable lover in your life.

What People are Saying.

If I have dark greens I eat them twice a day. I put them in my smoothie in the morning with fruit and I put them in my salad in the evening. To have the mixture of lettuce, chard and kale is even better for making a tasty salad. And the herbs too, I just throw them in.

I just got my GrowBot and I love all kinds of lettuce so I cannot wait to see what is going to grow out there. So many flavors will come out of just those little cups. I can see there are many cups of lettuce and it’s going to be like an adventure waking up to see whats going on each day.

I feel like a mamma watching over her new babies. I want to keep hovering over them. I know I will come out several times today to keep checking on them. It also looks so delicious already.

It’s nice to have a wide variety of herbs to choose from, especially for someone like me who loves to cook. Here the fresh herbs are so expensive in the market that I end up using dried herbs and of course it’s not the same. So oregano, garlic chives, even sage I’ll use a lot in my cooking, and basil of course. And then lavender and rosemary I put them on potatoes with a lot and sage too. Oregano, I love on my popcorn. It adds a little bit of kick. For a person who does not like spicy food, I have to have things like oregano.