GrowBot – Model M 2.0


Vegetable garden for busy people. Automated watering, feeding, just setup and start growing.


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Solar powered, automated, hydroponic garden. Designed for ease of use, high production, maximizing space, minimal labor and maximum water and nutrient efficiency.

Free shipping to continental US. 

Requires: wifi, water hose and sunshine.

Next business day shipping.

Can grow a salad per day.

Grow root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Grows extremely larges plants like tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins etc and small veggies. 

Grows most vegetables 30%-50% faster than traditional gardens.

Extends growing season by 2 months. 

Grows 5 times more vegetables than traditional garden.

100% water efficient.

No water runoff.

100% nutrient efficient.

Remote monitoring.

Fully automated watering and feeding.

No weeding.

Uses 95% less water than traditional garden.

Uses 70% less nutrients than traditional garden.

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