Lots of New Content Coming Up

As we are steadily refining manufacturing and optimizing the hardware and software we are also creating content. Here is our list of topics so far.

  • How GrowBot works
  • Why
  • Our ideas for making an incredible company.
  • About
  • Who we are
  • Social Investors
  • Purchasing
  • Goals
  • Benefits
  • How to’s .. such as planting and harvesting
  • Employees
  • Smart Life
  • SetupĀ  and Installation
  • GrowBot Requirements



An Abridged Response to One of Our Clients

GrowBots are doing great. So great I bought 100 of the core component(a custom solar panel) and am steadily building GrowBots.

Mid February I had planned to be in SF Bay Area for Chinese New Year and then to build and ship all the GrowBots to the owners on the mainland.

As long as all the components arrive on time that date is still possible otherwise it will be pushed back till all the components are on hand.

You can check out: http://old.dwalliance.com/robot_pictures/?C=M;O=D

To see pictures uploaded daily from production machines and ones that are being built.

And…. here is a pic of a partially assembled power and control system internals …

Status 2017-12-21

It has been a while since we posted anything. Our focus has been on stabilizing the GrowBot hardware / software. Fortunately the overall design has remained very productive and easy to maintain.

We tested a new prototype starting in June that worked great. Very stable electronics and software. The only challenge with the design was the massive labor involved in building just one GrowBot Control Board – over a month.

We are working on a printed circuit board to make the new design affordable.