Where We Donate and Why

We believe that everyone in a deal should win. We know that trees can remove CO2 and trees can feed people, trees clean the air, trees are homes for a huge amount of life and trees clean the water. We know that all those nutrients going down rivers can be used to grow amazing seafood and we know that our reefs are a key part of our oceans with abundant, big and diverse reefs we thrive.

We donate $10 to Trees for the Future for every GrowBot sold.  What they do with our donation is teach farmers how to grow trees. Those trees help to provide a good life for the farmers and their communities. Those trees also help to suck down a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Watch this video to learn more about the how they do it.

We donate monthly to Greenwave. Our donation to Greenwave is once again going to farmers but these farmers are doing more than just growing seafood. These GreenWave farmers will use all the nutrients presently just dumped in the ocean for a lack of better way to deal with them.

We donate monthly the Coral Restoration Foundation. This group is developing methods to restore our Coral Reefs. The reefs are very very important to the health of our oceans. The oceans are critical to our survival.

Other places we will be donating as funds become available.

  1. wetlands
  2. rivers
  3. dry forests
  4. tropical forests
  5. temperate and northern forests
  6. Smart Life for those most in need
  7. family support
  8. elder support
  9. education