Easy Garden Planting


Prepare the coconut core growing pellets by soaking in water for about 20 minutes. Once the pellets are expanded gently massage the pellets into the net pots. Once the pellets are in the netpots place your seeds. Then put your netpots in your GrowBot.

This is how your growbot should look in about 6 to 10 days.

This is how your growbot should look in about 6 to 10 days.

Add Nutrient

Gently lift the solar panel onto growing bed. Add nutrient to each of the tanks to about 1cm or about 1/2in from the top.  Top off nutrients about every 10 days.

Gently move the solar panel onto the GrowBot so you can replenish nutrients.


For leafy greens you can start harvesting once the leaves are about a 10cm or 4in long. Pinch the leaf near the stem and gently twist and lift so it breaks off cleanly(small scissors are also nice). Other vegetables it varies but generally if it looks, feels and smells ready .. it probably is.

You should be harvesting about a dinner plant size salad everyday.


For leafy greens once your plant starts to blossom often the leaves will get very bitter. When the leaves are bitter is when you should pull the plant and netpot out. You can salvage the coconut core pellet by cutting the top off with scissors and pulling off all the roots. Make sure to pull any roots from the plant you just pulled out. Do not throw away the netpot, netpots should last you for many years and are not meant to thrown away.  If you are growing other plants typically once they have stopped baring fruit is when you pull them. Now just go to Planting up top.

Pulling mature plants and replanting is quick and easy.