Upgrades from original GrowBot

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The new easy garden model T machines are much more robust than the original GrowBot. The original GrowBot worked amazingly well for the first few months but we realized after about six months the components we were using were not robust enough for how and where people were actually using their GrowBots(EGT). So we started upgrading, testing, would get excited tell people they were ready start delivering then find that the new improved machines needed more improving. Till about a 2 years ago then the design was stable enough where it was no longer breaking but it was to complicated to build. So we spent the last 2 years refining the system to make the design easy to fabricate. Granted easy to fabricate unfortunately means we have 7+ factories producing all the many custom parts that the system now uses. The only things off the shelf are the Raspberry Pi Zero W, 5 mega pixel camera and the ribbon camera that connects them. We even had to customize the USB cable that connects the RPI to the control board :-). You would be amazed at how much electronics break when exposed to the rain and sun.

Here is a partial list of what we improved from the original GrowBots to the present Easy Garden Model T.

  1. increased solar panel size by 400%
  2. new main computer faster and much better wifi
  3. improved wifi software to create a wifi configuration webpage if it cannot get online
  4. new water sensors that are more sensitive and far more long lasting
  5. new printed circuit board that is far more rugged and can control more pumps and valves
  6. a new pump to mix food in each food tank
  7. main tank circulation guides to help improve water circulation and oxygenation
  8. doubled height of legs
  9. improved strength of frame by attaching to wider area of legs
  10. increased frame size to allow a separate valve assembly and larger food tanks
  11. vastly updated logging(gathers power generation and usage, watering history, and water level)
  12. upgraded and heavily optimized battery management system to extend battery life to 5+ years
  13. more efficient solar panel so it can work in shade and or cloudy days and extends operational time earlier and later in the day
  14. upgraded smart camera pole from wood to PVC

What stayed the same was the core design of how the hydroponics part of the GrowBot(EGT) and the computer work together to grow a lot of plants in a very small space. That part of the system is what got us excited initially and has continued to amaze us. We just had to make it reliable. Sorry about the long delay and to all of you that purchased in 2015 and did not request a refund — thanks for sticking with us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]