The Robotic Garden

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The easiest way in the world to grow your own food…

For anyone who wants fresh produce without having to labor in the garden or overpay for organics at the store…

Now you can grow all the produce your family can eat automatically, without effort!

Introducing: The Robotic Garden

A solar-powered, self-watering, self-feeding hydroponics garden that does all the planning and all the work so you don’t have to!

What if I told you that growing your produce in The Robotic Garden is cheaper than buying it in the grocery store?

Aren’t you sick of always eating produce that was picked a week ago (halfway across the country) before it arrived on your plate?

Aren’t you sick of wilted produce (that all-too-often spoils before you can eat it)?

Aren’t you sick of buying your produce in plastic bags or boxes?

What if all the veggies you eat were grown in your backyard, saving you money, without you even having to dig a garden???

Growing your own food used to be hard and challenging. Not anymore! Now there IS such a thing as an “effortless garden.”

The Robotic Garden is the ONLY system that:

  •   is fully automated for residential use

  •   is solar-powered, requiring no extra fuel or energy

  •   provides food every day

  • •  emails you when to harvest and when to replace “spent” plants

No other home hydroponics system can grow you this much organic produce for as little money, effort and carbon footprint.

Order Your Very Own Robotic Garden starting at only $299!

The Robotic Garden is an “easy garden”.

It’s a hydroponics (water-based plant-growing) robot that monitors growth in your system using a mini camera and computer, combined with artificial intelligence to automatically provide your plants (greenery) with the exact amount of water and nutrients they need to thrive. And it’s solar-powered, so it won’t have any impact on your energy bill.

This is the future of food.

Traditional gardening requires knowledge and skill and physical stamina and time and attention (for countless hours of digging and weeding and watering and maintaining and knowing what to do to get it right.) Plus gardening requires luck (local temperatures that are not too hot, not too cold, and not too much or too little rain.)

Growing your own food used to be hard and challenging.

Not anymore!

Now there IS such a thing as an “effortless garden.”


Automatically grow all the produce you can eat right in your backyard!!

Order Your Very Own Robotic Garden starting at only $299!

You can’t find anything else like

The Robotic Garden

for sale on the market.

Save money

Our system is designed to save you money. Growing your organic produce in The Robotic Garden is less expensive than it costs to buy in stores. Over time the machine will pay for itself and you can eat more fresh produce while saving more of your hard-earned income for other things!

Grow Lots of Food

Our system is designed to grow plenty of food for you to eat daily. This machine can change the way you eat and where you get your food from. And you’ll have plenty to share with your friends!

Improve your health

Science has proven that a plant-based diet is what leads to the longest, most vibrant lives. Our system promotes your health by making freshly-grown produce straight-off-the-vine the cheapest, most convenient thing for you to eat in your home!

Environmentally sustainable

Industrial farming is incredibly damaging to the environment. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are extremely harmful for the ecosystem, while massive farming machinery is a major global source of greenhouse gas emissions. The Robotic Garden allows you to grow your own organic produce without harm to the ecosystem and without greenhouse gas emissions. Compared to organic farming we use 1/5th the space, 70% less fertilizer (which is harmful to the ecosystem when rain washes fertilizer into water systems) and 90% less water.

Save time

Gardening is time-consuming and back-breaking work. The Robotic Garden grows your food by doing the work for you. There is no need for digging or preparing a grow-bed. There is no weeding or watering. Also plants grown hydroponically grow faster than in conventional gardens. Your food grows faster while you save time and effort. (Save time going to the store as well.)

Enjoy watching plants grow

Seeing vegetation grow in your backyard is invigorating and life-affirming. Your friends will love it when they come over. And even when you’re not home to look at your Robotic Garden, you’ll get daily emails with a current picture of the plants and how they’re growing, so you can track your progress and plan your meals!

It’s easy

The Robotic Garden is automatic. Artificial intelligence does the work so you don’t have to. This is truly gardening made easy.

Water savings

Hydroponics uses 90% less water than conventional growing. But our system uses even less water than traditional hydroponics. (In traditional hydroponics water is dumped and refilled every 10-14 days. Our system never has to be dumped, and all of that water is saved.)

Food ready when you are

Our system is designed to allow you to “stagger” the growth of your plants, so your vegetables are ready when you are ready to eat them. Starting plants at intervals (instead of planting them together all at once) allows you to continually harvest vegetables each day. Our customers get to eat from their garden every single day, avoiding the “feast-or-famine” schedule typical of traditional gardening (where produce ripens all at the same time, so there’s more food than anyone can eat when it’s finally ready, but no food from the garden during other times.)

Avoid food waste

Produce grown on farms takes many days before arriving in our fridge to be eaten. This reduces freshness and often leads to food spoiling before we can eat it. With our system your produce stays fresh on the vine until you are ready to eat it. This keeps your produce more nutritious and delicious, while avoiding problematic food waste (link to article re: why food waste is bad?)

Avoid plastic waste

Produce grown in the Robotic Garden is right in our home and doesn’t have to be transported in plastic to arrive at the store (where it’s often put into plastic bags to transport home.) By growing our own food with the Robotic Garden we prevent the creation and disposal of countless mountains of plastic that is interwoven in society’s current model of food growth and distribution.

Combat global warming

The Grow Bot is eliminating greenhouse gasses from harvesting produce and driving to market. We also save the plastics used in growing as well as the plastic packaging used in transporting produce to your home.

Grow lots of trees

For every Robotic Garden you buy, we give $10 to ____. By investing in your Robotic Garden now you are giving back and contributing to reforestation!

Earn extra money

Growing produce with The Everyday is cheaper than buying in stores. That’s why passionate growers can earn income growing extra food for friends and neighbors, without the time and labor of gardening. The Everyday can be your side hustle!

Lose weight

When we eat nutrient dense-foods we feel more satiated and less hungry. When you have this robot, fresh, affordable, nutrient-dense vegetables are the quickest, easiest snacks in your house.