Thank You Program

We are very lucky to have amazing clients. They are really nice to us. Not only are they nice to us but they also introduce friends and family to us. As a way of saying thanks to our clients. We provide free annual subscriptions to either Seeds, Coconut Core or Nutrients for each person that purchases because of our clients referrals. For our super referrers people that have 5 unused referrals they can get a free Easy Garden for themselves or gift it to whomever they desire.

How it works: As a client you get an email each day with a picture and a link to the 30 day time lapse video of your Easy Garden. When you share the email or share on social networks we set a cookie on the guests browser and when they purchase we give our client credit for the referral. All buyers are automatically enrolled in the program but we will create an option to not participate in the program if they desire.