Return On Investment

How Fast Will GrowBots Pay for Themselves?

for most people in 3 to 6 Months

On average GrowBots grow about $3 of veggies per day. The $3 estimate is based on one big organic salad if purchased in Southern California and or Hawaii.  You can get your own estimate by dividing  $400 by the local cost of a bag of organic salad or a head of organic lettuce.

GrowBot Gives More

Good investments give you multiple kinds of returns.

When you invest in a GrowBot you get:

  1. a lower food bill
  2. no shopping trips for the fresh veggies you are growing
  3. no rotten veggies in your fridge for the veggies you are growing
  4. no shopping expense such as gas for your car and or wear and tear on your car
  5. it feels nice to watch plants grow
  6. it feels nice to pick plants you grew
  7. it feels nice to share your excess produce