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A salad per day, every day, for less than the cost of an iphone…

  • Can grow $2/day of veggies ($60/month)…
  • In 12 months you can make back your whole investment…
  • Machine has a 5-year warranty (keeps growing food for years)…

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Five year parts warranty

Redwood and cedar frame is naturally pest and rot resistant and can be easily painted or stained to match your yard.

Water lines and tops are made from food grade materials, durable and long lasting.

Solar panels are sealed in tempered glass, which helps to keep the solar cells in great working order for many years.

Not Included:  Water hose.

Delivery might be delayed because parts for the GrowBot are manufactured all over the world.

You can request a refund at anytime up until the day we ship.

* GrowBot requires some assembly *


What people are saying.

My GrowBot has really saved me during Covid19. Without such a supply of greens I would be eating absolute junk. It’s very easy to order junk food online, but very hard to get fresh produce, online or in the stores. I went to a grocery store 45 minutes north of me, where there is very low instances of the virus, and the fresh produce was still wiped out, very little left.” Brian, NY, USA

“I’ve had so many people message me about the GrowBot. They are so impressed! I just wanted to let you know I’ve had so many complements and people messaging me. I tell them it’s totally worth the price. Shipping is included too! It’s fun, effective and low-maintenance. I planted a lot in my garden this year, but nothing is growing in my yard right now, except the GrowBot is growing great.” Alexzis, USA


“We are enjoying our GrowBot very much! We’re eating many more salads than previously, because of the convenience and availability of the ingredients.” Ben, CA, USA




“I feel like a mamma watching over her new babies. I want to keep hovering over them. I know I will come out several times today to keep checking on them. It also looks so delicious already.” Mary, Kilauea, HI, USA