Make The World Better

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”3″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]GrowBot was designed from the beginning to grow lots of food while being; super easy to use, works in a very small space, while not polluting at all and we ended up making a machine that the more you use it the better the world will be.

The primary reasons for GrowBots ‘goodness’ are these:

  • New Patented Hydroponic Growing Methods – 90% less water – 70% less nutrients – NO pollution
  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Solar Powered
  • Hyper Local
  • Bio-mimicry

Everyone – Healthy, Happy, Free

Clean Streams, Clean Rivers, Clean Lakes, Clean Oceans

Thriving Diverse Abundant Ecosystems


Because GrowBot is a robot that never gets bored, distracted, busy etc. we can do things that drive the typical person to extreme boredom. Example your GrowBot we often check the water level and plants several times per hour.

Typically with hydroponics you flush all your old water and add new water and a lot of nutrients every week and half and then you deal with PH balance issues, burned roots, poor growth etc if you fail to get it right.

Your GrowBot only adds tiny amounts of nutrient everyday. If you ever look at the water in a GrowBot it’s crystal clear. GrowBots never flush the water because our permaculture method of planting insures all nutrients are promptly used by your thriving garden.

Because of our perfect method of adding nutrients even when you have a super heavy rain that causes the system to flood the nutrients lost is almost zero.

Grow salads.

Raised garden easy to harvest from.