Easy Garden – GrowBot

When plants have the right nutrients, right amount of water, great sunshine and good temperatures they flourish. Most peoples yards and other outdoor spaces during the warm months have the perfect amount of sun and great temperatures for most vegetables. Your GrowBot Model T will take care of adding the perfect amount of nutrients and water.

Your GrowBot Model T which is a solar powered, automated or robotic, hydroponic garden goes a few steps further not only making gardening easier but also making it cheaper, faster and requiring less space.

Easy on your time.

One of the big gotchas with most gardens is weeding. To have a successful garden a garden that produces a lot of food you need to weed it on a regular basis. As soon as you miss several weekly weedings the weeds get much bigger and much harder to remove. Weeds consume the nutrients you had intended for your plants and take your vegetables sunshine. Instead of an abundance of vegies you get an ugly garden with just a few small veggies that are often chewed up by bugs that live in the weeds.   GrowBot Model T’s rarely if ever need weeding. GrowBot Model T’s vegetables grow in renewable, sustainable coconut core and nutrient rich water which naturally has no weed seeds.

Easy on your back.

GrowBot Model T’s are raised bed gardens which means the growing area is several feet above ground making it very easy on your back and really hard for most weed seeds to get into. If you are a senior that has a sensitive back or someone that suffers from back pain GrowBot Model T’s are a great way to get back to gardening. The raised bed also makes it more difficult for weed seeds, but also difficult for snails and slugs as well.

Easy on your space.

Most people don’t have big yards, big decks, big patios and or they would rather keep their space free for their own use and enjoyment. Your GrowBot Model T takes one fifth the room of a traditional garden with comparable output. That means that your GrowBot Model T which only takes up about 7 square feet produces the same as a garden that is 35 square feet. How GrowBot Model T grows more food in less space is by circulating oxygen and nutrient rich water around your plants roots. Which allows the plants to mature about 30% faster, requires far less room for roots to grow, and extends the growing season by about 2 months in most places.  For many people an unheated greenhouse will work for winter gardening as well.

Easy on your wallet and the environment.

Normally your vegetable plants roots only get a third of the nutrients that you put in the soil the rest is washed away. That is your money being washed away. GrowBot Model T’s use nearly all the nutrients that are put in and you put 70% less than a traditional garden. Have you have ever seen a slimy green pond? Did you know ponds are not supposed to be slimy? That green slime is caused by to many nutrients in the water and can normally be tracked back to farms, golf courses and lawns.

Easy on your pallet.

We remind people to have different kinds of plants growing in the same tanks. The different plants will take different kinds of nutrients and different amounts of nutrients from the water. This diversity will insure you never need to flush your water out like conventional hydroponic systems and or need to ‘rest’ your soil like a typical garden when you grow the same kind of vegetable year after year.

Easy on your mind.

Every hour of every sunny day your Easy Garden is checking the water level and topping it off so you never have to. Because we only ad small amounts of water as needed your plants never get stressed because of to little water or to much. You might ask what about rain? A little rain will simply be added to the tanks a lot of rain will naturally spill out. You might ask what about the nutrients washed out? Because we are adding nutrients daily we only need to add a tiny amount per day. That tiny amount of nutrients is normally consumed by your plants in just a few hours. You will notice the water in your easy garden grow tanks is normally crystal clear.

Still easy on your wallet.

We not only use 70% less nutrients, one fifth of your precious real estate but we also use 90% less water.  Normally when you water your garden the water soaks into areas where your plants are not as well as where they are. GrowBot Model T’s keep all the water for your plants. The water in your soil will also carry fertilizer into your ground water. When your plants are small your GrowBot Model T protects the water from direct sun and vastly lowers evaporation. Unlike soil that when fully exposed offers a huge area to lose your precious water to evaporation. With more and more areas having to strictly control water use imagine using 90% less water for a garden that uses one fifth the space and 70% less nutrients. 

Easy on the plants.

Your GrowBot Model T never gets distracted, to busy, or goes on vacation. Your GrowBot Model T will water and add nutrients daily based on what your plants need. If it’s a really hot day and your plants are big the amount of water and nutrient added is vastly different than the days when your plants are small and weather is cool. Every time you forget to water or water to much you risk shocking your plants and your plants growth suffers. If you give your plants to much nutrient or to little you risk killing or shocking your plants. GrowBot Model T’s add a tiny amount of nutrients every day based on what the smart camera sees.

IOT and AI Makes Life Easy

Your GrowBot Model T is a modern solution to the oldest problem. How to get the healthiest most convenient food for the minimum effort. Your GrowBot Model T is upgraded on a regular basis through your wifi connection. Everyday your GrowBot Model T uploads data that is used to upgrade the software that it downloads all fully automated and happens without you needing to do anything once you have your GrowBot Model T setup.

Proper Nutrition has Never Been This Easy

In this day and age of big green vegetables that are quite often devoid of most nutrients. It’s nothing personal but modern farms need to produce food as cheaply as possible. The vegetables you buy in the store ‘sell themselves’ based on how big and pretty they are not by if they were fed micro nutrients. The plant nutrients we recommend have a full range of micro nutrients that you need to thrive as well as the core nutrients of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate that drive your plants visible growth. Not all plants absorb all nutrients hence we will recommend to you to keep what you grow in your GrowBot Model T diverse! As long as you are consuming the majority of the produce from your GrowBot Model T you are getting the micro nutrients you need to thrive. Nutrition is very similar to politics and religion so we are going to talk about to much. But consider have you personally(as in someone you know) seen anyone die from eating to many fresh vegetables? Have you known someone that knew someone that died from eating to many fresh vegetables? Have you ever read in a real printed medical journal or scholarly text such as an encyclopedia of people diing from eating to many fresh vegetables? If you search on google for ‘micro-nutrients in food longevity‘ you will find quite a few reputable research centers, hospitals and universities have quite a lot to say about micro-nutrients in your food.

Easy on the Chemicals

Occasionally pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and slug/snail poisons eventually are taken off the market because they turn out to not be as safe as we thought. What you put in your GrowBot Model T is up to you. In my home we use only organic ‘cides’ when we really have to but generally if it fails to thrive we just plant something else. Unlike a farmer that must produce that vegetable for their buyer you don’t. You just need to produce great food for you. If you have to replant something that suits your local area better(which includes being resistant to local pests) then so be it. There are some very good organic ‘cides’ that work, they often cost a little more than the scary ones and they can be purchased from many online shops and retail gardening centers. As more GrowBot Model T’s are working in your area we can give you a heads up about what we know works for both seeds and ‘cides’.

Not so Easy on Us

We have to provide a product that we fully believe in. Safe, does what we promise, reliable, flexible and is affordable to the average person. We like things that work the way they were promised, that last, things that can be fixed when things go wrong, things that are well thought and things that are easy on the eye. Also I hated when I first started GrowBot and people told me they could not afford it. So we worked on bringing the original price from several thousand for the hand built one to just $499 which includes shipping and a five year warranty for our fully automated base model. Food, clean air and clean water are incredibly important to us. When it comes to food that we 100% believe in it has to be as perfect as it can be. We want to live a long time and be healthy and strong the entire time. To be honest the design of GrowBot took a long time. Eight years of experimenting with off the shelf and DIY designs till we settled on the core design. Then another 5 years of electronics troubleshooting and hardware refinement. When we started we thought we could buy everything off the shelf and build an amazing machine. We were able to build an amazing machine but they started failing after a few months. We refined the system and still we could never get the original GrowBot Model T’s mass produced to last more than 6 or 7 months. The off the shelf parts were unstable. So we started customizing the parts that were failing. We presently have custom pumps, custom valves, custom solar panel, custom water sensors, custom food tanks, custom control board, custom grow tank tops, custom electronics cases, custom lens etc. Almost the entire machine is custom fabricated except the main tanks and the smart camera.. those are still the same.

Worldwide Fabrication

Natural Wood, Modern Control Systems and purposeful but minimized plastic. We use two kinds of wood on the GrowBot Model T base model. We use rough cedar on the frame; rough cut cedar is often used for fences. Redwood legs are a critical part of the GrowBot Model T’s base model, we only use sustainably farmed redwood. Redwood is used in places where natural resistance to wood pests and wood fungus is required. Technically pressure treated wood is ‘safe’ but we just don’t trust it. Our control systems are the smart camera made in the UK from chips sourced all over the world and our control board is made in Shenzen, China from chips sourced from all over the world. There are different kinds of plastics that have different strengths and characteristics. One of the toughest plastics is ABS it can with stand the full blast of the sun for years with only some fading but requires extra safety precautions when we work with it and it absorbs water. We use US made ABS plastic for the electronics cases and the top of the grow tanks neither location comes into constant contact with the water that feeds your plants. We use polypropylene – tough, flexible, but is not good in the sun so we keep it covered – tanks(made in Denmark), net pots(US), pumps(China), circulation hose(US), food hose(US), and covering on the pump wires(China). PET is tough and rigid is the plastic we use for the hose guides, water sensors, and food tanks. The PET we use is US made, FDA approved and is the same plastic used in water bottles.  Finally we have PVC which is often used in potable water plumbing but we only use it for the smart camera pole. PVC is strong and is fine in the sun.

Easy Seeds

Oddly enough most seeds will work fine in your GrowBot Model T. Some seeds do better than others but generally if you have a good seed it will sprout and do just fine in your GrowBot Model T. Our favorite seeds we get are from Johnny’s and High Mowing both seem to ship seeds that are exactly what they are promised to be. Your local gardening centers will often have good seeds but online with the exception of Johnny’s and High Tower we have not had great luck. By luck we mean the seeds germinated on schedule, they were disease free and the seeds were what was advertised.

Easy on Your Body

The whole system has to ‘breath’ but open standing water is something we need to avoid. So we designed and fabricated our system to only have small gaps that air can pass through easily but is to small and or hidden from most bugs. The netpot holes will be completely covered by the properly expanded and inserted coconut core. The holes on the ends of the tanks are small and not in the natural location for bugs to exit. Bugs exit water by just flying up – your GrowBot Model T blocks bugs from flying up.  When you do need to remove netpots and or lift the grow tank tops do it when the sun is still full in the sky. Keep all the netpots in the holes with fully expanded and properly inserted coconut core. Small fish, crayfish can also be added to the tanks and or aquarium/food safe mosquito controls. Even though we are not easy on bugs flying out our systems are healthy, highly oxygenated water full of growing plants. So expect to see all kinds of things growing in your tanks if you don’t annually clean the tanks.

Easy Cleaning

Generally you can brush off the things like leaves and twigs that fall on your GrowBot Model T when you are harvesting – Easy. Once a year or so you should probably take off the tops and hose out your tanks. Takes a few minutes. Don’t be surprised to find a lot more than what you thought you would. We have found everything from slugs to frogs in the tanks.

Easy to Fix

All the parts can be removed and replaced with simple tools like screw drivers. We have free life long support so when a part does fail after your five year warranty you only need to contact us to help you isolate what needs to be fixed and the ordering is quick and easy. The wood parts and some plastic parts of the GrowBot Model T can be fabricated by a table saw, jig saw, chop saw and drill(+bits) we also supply g-code if you have access to a CNC machine.

Easy to Upgrade

You can extend your GrowBot Model T from upgrades other people have made OR if you have some skills in programming, electronics, plumbing, mechanics and other shop skills you can make your own upgrades. We even help you connect with other GrowBot owners that might want to work with you on an upgrade .. they can code and you can drill and you can design as an example. We give you access to our server side API and the source code access to the control board and smart camera. We are actively looking for third parties like you that want to extend GrowBot Model T’s and make a business of it – we will put your upgrade on our store and help you connect with other GrowBot Model T owners.

Easy Outdoor Placement with Solar and Battery

Easy Gardens are solar and battery powered which is a powerful, flexible, affordable and reliable energy solution. However there are limitations to solar and battery power. You need sunshine. Our solar panels are built to work on cloudy days and even in partial shade.