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Easy on your time.

One of the big gotchas with most gardens is weeding. To have a successful garden a garden that produces a lot of food you need to weed it on a regular basis. As soon as you miss several weekly weedings the weeds get much bigger and much harder to remove. Weeds consume the nutrients you had intended for your plants and crowd your vegetables starving of them for sunshine as well. EGT’s rarely if ever need weeding. EGT’s vegetables grow in renewable, sustainable coconut core which naturally has no weed seeds.


Easy on your space.

Most people don’t have big yards, big decks, big patios and or they would rather keep their space free for their own use and enjoyment. Your EGT takes one fifth the room of a traditional garden with comparable output. That means that your EGT which only takes up about 7 square feet produces the same as a garden that is 35 square feet. How EGT grows more food in less space is by circulating oxygen and nutrient rich water around your plants roots. Which allows the plants to mature about 30% faster, requires far less room for roots to grow, and extends the growing season by about 2 months in most places.  For many people an unheated greenhouse will work for winter gardening as well.


Easy on your wallet and the environment.

Normally your vegetable plants roots only get a third of the nutrients that you put in the soil the rest is washed away. That is your money being washed away. EGT’s use nearly all the nutrients that are put in and you put 70% less than a traditional garden. Have you have ever seen a slimy green pond? Did you know ponds are not supposed to be slimy? That green slime is caused by to many nutrients in the water.


Easy Seeds

Oddly enough most seeds will work fine in your EGT. Some seeds do better than others but generally if you have a good seed it will sprout and do just fine in your EGT. Our favorite seeds we get from Johnny’s and High Mowing both seem to ship seeds that are exactly what they are promised to be. Your local gardening centers will often have good seeds but online with the exception of Johnny’s and High Tower we have not had great luck. By luck we mean the seeds germinated on schedule, they were disease free and the seeds were what was advertised.


Easy Solar and Battery Power

Easy Gardens are solar and battery powered which is a powerful, flexible, affordable and reliable energy solution. However there are limitations to solar and battery power. You need sunshine. Our solar panels are built to work on cloudy days and even in the shade. However at a certain point they just don’t produce enough power to enable smart camera.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]