How to Grow a Vegetable and Herb Garden with a GrowBot

We like when people think about gardening and think: easy, fast and fun.

We love it when people look at their GrowBots see all the growth and say WOW.

We love it when people are picking and think … I can share.

We love it when people ponder the food they just ate and think ‘awesome’ . The reason they think awesome was growing that food was easy, convenient, gratifying, affordable and so healthy they could feel it immediately.

So how easy is it?

This is a great thing to do while you have tea, hot water or coffee. What you need: Seeds, Growing Media, Net Pots, flat dish with walls – a cake pan or other pan with low walls is great and Hot Water(optional).

  1. start your hot water then gather the seeds, growing media and net pots
  2. hydrate the growing media with the
  3. massage the growing media
  4. place in the net pot
  5. place your seeds on the growing media
  6. place the net pots in your GrowBot

Your typically do a few