How do we live long happy lives while robots and other types of automation are doing all or nearly everything we consider work.

One idea being discussed is Guaranteed Minimum Income I think for many people this is fine. You can imagine fully automated farms, factories, construction etc and the economy being more or less dictated by peoples personal desires. However it’s limitation is what our government representatives decide to give us.

For some of us we want the abundance that comes to us to be the fruit from the seeds we planted, from our ideas, from our intention, from our efforts, from the nurturing we provided. Whether it’s a farm or a business enterprise .. we want what we invested in and worked for.

However like most things it’s rare one technique is the only solution. More often than naught many solutions are needed to address the needs of many people.

No matter which idea is the solution to a fully automated workforce we think GrowBot has a place.

For this reason we are very interested in talking to any Government about providing GrowBots to it’s citizens.