Get a GrowBot

# Sales Process

  1. problem – you need healthy food and it’s hard to get
  2. solution – i had the same problem and built a robot to grow my food
  3. credibility – i learned to program 8th grade and have been programming most of adult life
  4. visualize – imagine if getting fresh vegetables was easy
  5. value – the growbot can grow X per day
  6. action – purchase today and get one year of seeds valued at $80 for free as well as a GrowBot


Did you know you need fresh vegetables to be healthy and thrive?

  • Are your fresh vegetables really fresh?
  • Are you spending to much time and money on your fresh vegetables?
  • Are you denied access to fresh vegetables because you lack the money and or the time?
  • Are your vegetables free of controversial pesticides, fungicides and herbicides?
  • Are your vegetables grown, cleaned, transported, refrigerated, and handled sustainably?



  • you have no idea how the fresh vegetables were grown so you are not 100% sure the vegetables you bought are actually good for you
  • fresh vegetables are often a strain on your budget
  • fresh vegetables require extra shopping and or driving
  • fresh vegetables will often rot in your fridge before you can eat them

## solution

### What if your fresh vegetables were convenient, affordable, and you knew exactly how and where they were grown? What if you had an automated garden that just worked? A garden that was easy, very very easy on your budget, automated and used the highest quality nutrients you could find? If you like this idea then you will love GrowBot a robotic garden that will grow your fresh vegetables affordably, is more convenient than shopping  because your vegetables are grown on your patio or in your yard. Normally the vegetables will go almost straight to your table. If you grew them then you know how they were grown.

## credibility

### Living in Hawaii is expensive and eating organic in Hawaii is very expensive, inconvenient, lots of food went bad in my fridge and I had no idea how most of my food was grown — Until I took matters into my own hands and used my many years of programming experience and invented the GrowBot.

## visualize

### Imagine coming home from a busy day and simply picking your vegetables almost as quickly as opening your fridge and far far faster than shopping for them and then putting in the fridge and then taking them back out of your fridge.

## value

### You might think that a GrowBot would cost you thousands of dollars or more but we were diligent in creating GrowBots that are easy on most any budget. Not only are GrowBots super affordable but for most people the GrowBots will pay for themselves in as little as six months.

## action

### If you act right now you can lock in your GrowBot at the early bird price of $399.