Easy Garden Model T Assembly

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The Easy Garden Model T (EGT) is an amazing garden robot designed to help you grow your own fresh vegetables. EGT’s are solar powered fully automated hydroponic raised bed gardens perfect for urban garden, patio gardens or to help with or replace traditional gardens.

Please read the warnings, more warnings for just in case, privacy and measuring impact. We did not hire a lawyer to review this and make it ten times longer, super boring and say much less with more words. We really want you to read the warnings and privacy it will help you to use your EGT better and give you a better understanding of us.


  1. Your Easy Garden Model T(EGT) is partially fabricated from un-sanded wood which might have splinters be careful when touching the wood parts of your EGT.
  2. Depending on your local weather it’s a good idea to paint your EGT within the first few weeks of it being outside. Any paint designed for covering un-sanded wood for outdoor usage such as fence paint should be fine. Only paint the wood and if you really want to the smart camera pole. Don’t paint the solar panel! We do NOT recommend painting the growing tank covers either.
  3. Do not Freeze your EGT. During the winter put your EGT inside a heated garage (with drain) with grow lights or in a heated greenhouse(or at least one that never freezes).
  4. We have EGT’s in hot weather up to about 100F but we don’t recommend anything hotter and in direct sun. Hotter is probably OK but direct sun and 100F plus is probably not. So put your EGT under shade. The vege’s that grow well in those conditions (tomatoe/melons) will grow out to the side and if you leave that un-shaded … it all just works. If your house has a wide eve that could be the perfect place.

More Warnings for Just in Case

Your EGT is designed to grow a lot of vegetables in a small space outside in full or partial sun in any location you would normally have a garden or potted vegetable plants.It’s also designed to last indefinitely, just paint it occasionally, clean it every 6 months and probably every year or two tighten up any wood screws that have loosened.

  1. Don’t climb on your EGT or allow children to climb on it — it’s just not designed for that.
  2. READ all the directions — we tried to make the EGT assembly as intuitive as possible but there are steps that are not intuitive.
  3. Don’t drink the water in the tanks — the water in the tanks are for the plants — you can eat the edible parts of the plants.
  4. Don’t put anything in the EGT that is not compatible with you growing healthy food in a hydroponic garden — so far no one has but … just saying .. don’t do that.
  5. If you put your EGT inside especially with a hose attached make sure you put in a room with a floor drain — we use the same kind of valves used in washing machines but with FDA approved plastic however unexpected things happen so if you have to put your EGT inside put in a room with a floor drain.
  6. The solar panel is made from tempered glass with rounded and smoothed edges. The solar panel glass is very tough but if you smash it the fragments will be very sharp and dangerous – so don’t smash it and don’t let it get smashed. If you do smash it clean it up the way you would any broken glass.
  7. Don’t set your EGT on fire or put really hot things on it. If you do set your EGT on fire safely put it out(call a fireman) and don’t breath the smoke. There is NO fire hazard with your EGT our battery is a non-flammable NIMH battery and the power system is built with safe guards on every port.


Our goal for the EGT is to make a noticeable positive impact in your life. Our software is constantly being refined based on what you do with your EGT. For us to achieve our goal we look at all the data that comes in from your EGT. Data such as EGT pictures and feeding, watering, power production usage, cpu utilization, battery data etc is reviewed by both people and other software to help us improve the software that runs your EGT as well as alert you to problems and or opportunities to improve your experience with your EGT. We don’t gather and or upload your wifi information or anything else that is not part of the EGT. We also monitor our website, emails etc to see what is boring you, annoying you or is actually useful.  We don’t share your data with other people/companies/organizations with out asking you. We don’t use tracking software from third parties such as Google, Facebook etc..  Presently if you don’t want your EGT monitored … email support@easygarden.biz on our website you can opt out of website tracking.

Measuring Impact

We measure our impact by watching the pictures to understand how much and how often you are picking from your EGT. If you pick often and it quickly grows back and you pick it again then we are giving ourselves high fives anything other than that and we will call you to see what we can do to get you there.

The EGT can be assembled and working by following these directions.
What you need:
  1. a philips head screwdriver
  2. a clear area such as a table or a section of floor (assembly inside is easiest)



STEP 1: Unpack the box being mindful to remove all the tape and cardboard used to insure your EGT arrived in perfect order. Let us know if anything is damaged we will replace it promptly.

Our most recent updates to packaging were:

  • to double the number of support beams beneath the tanks  to keep the beams from being broken during shipment
  • to add a restraining beam to keep the main grow tanks from sliding into food tanks and the control board
  • added more tape to everything packed in the grow tanks to limit shifting during shifting
  • added more labels on the box to make sure it was not dropped

STEP 2: Make sure you have all the parts by comparing to the parts list.

Parts List:


Part Name Count
1 wood frame 1
2 legs 4
3 wood screws 16
4 green tie wrap 1
5 growing tanks 3
6 growing tank tops 6
7 food tanks 3
8 water circulation pumps 3
9 food circulation pumps 3
10 food pumps 3
11 Control Board 1
12 water sensor 3
13 water valve assembly 1
14 smart camera pole 1
15 smart camera 1
16 solar panel 1
17 valve cover board 1
18 front leg cover board 1
19 USB wire 1
20 bolts 2
21 washers 2
22 wing nuts 2
23 coconut core rooting media 60+
24 2 in netpots 60
25 water valve spout 3


STEP 3: Attach the redwood legs to the cedar frame.

parts: 16 wood screws, frame, 4 legs

Each leg is numbered and there is a corresponding number on the frame where it should be placed and aligned. The screw holes in the frame will line up PERFECTLY with the screw holes in the leg. Please note the legs are not supposed to be flush with the top of the frame but instead are 20mm (about 3/4in) from the top of the frame. Some of the legs might be tight going in, that is normal.


STEP 4: Twist on the valve nozzles to the valves and attach valve assembly to the cedar frame using the green tie wrap per the video.

STEP 5: Attach camera pole per the video.


Configure wifi access for your EGT. Connect the camera to a computer using the USB cable. In a few minutes you should see a new network called GrowBot. Join the Growbot network using the password in your welcome email. In your browser go to If asked for a UID and password enter the ones in your welcome email. Once you see the configuration form enter your wifi credentials. Once you see the process is done continue. Wait a few minutes and check the logs you can access in the welcome email.

STEP 7: Smart Camera Cable

  • Run the USB cable through the camera pole and between tanks 2 and 3 so the cable is supported by the beams.
  • Please note all cables should go over the platform that supports the food tanks.

STEP 8: Connect USB A plug to the control board and micro USB to the smart camera.

USB A plug(big square one) connects to the control board, most people align by feel. The USB logo part of the plug is toward you if you are in front of the Easy Garden.

Best to visually align the path through the weather shield and the smart camera case. Notice how the USB symbol is partially covered by the weather shield when the micro usb plug is properly seated and the case is not under stress.

STEP 9: Place the water valve cover and solar support boards.

The solar support board is the thinner of the two extra boards included with your EGT. The board will rest on the two front legs and should NOT be flush with the top of the frame.

The water valve cover is the wider of the two extra boards and rests mostly on the valve spouts. It’s not uncommon for it to be tilted a little.

STEP 10: Align smart camera.

Stand in front of your EGT and look at your camera make sure it is perfectly aligned.

STEP 12: Connect the solar panel to the control board and align it per the picture.

Solar powered hydroponic system.


Congratulations your EGT is assembled! Now lets get it setup!

Go to Easy Garden Setup and setup your Easy Garden![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]