Easy Robotic Garden – GrowBot

Easy Robotic Garden


Fresh vegetables are the best food for you but:

  • they are a strain on your budget
  • require extra hassle
  • often rot in your fridge 
  • you have no idea how they were grown
  • gardens are hard work and for most people end in failure


GrowBots are easy robotic gardens that will grow many of your organic fresh vegetables for you. GrowBots are normally placed in a sunny location as close to your kitchen as possible such as a yard or patio.

My Story

I learned pretty quickly that living in Hawaii is expensive and eating organic in Hawaii is very expensive and inconvenient. Lots of food went bad in my fridge and I had no idea how most of my food was even grown. Until I took matters into my own hands and used my many years of programming experience and invented  an easy robotic garden called GrowBot.

The Vision

Imagine coming home from a busy day and simply picking your vegetables almost as quickly as opening your fridge. Imagine not have to shop for fresh vegetables nearly as often. How much time could be spent on far more meaningful things than shopping for something that will likely just rot in your fridge.


You might think that an easy robotic garden called  GrowBot would cost you a thousands dollars or more but we were diligent in creating GrowBots. GrowBots are easy on most any wallet or purse. Not only are GrowBots super affordable but for most people the GrowBots will pay for themselves in as little as six months.

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