GrowBot – Easy Robotic Garden

Easy Robotic Garden

GrowBots are easy robotic gardens that can grow your vegetables with no weeding, digging or worry that most gardens cause. The GrowBots hydrate and nourish your amazing organic vegetables by nutrient rich water. GrowBots have 2 computers that mimic our bodies and hence can run fully on solar power and batteries truly off grid.

The two computers work in concert to expertly hydrate and add nutrients based on real growth.

GrowBots have nine pumps, three water sensors, three automated valves, two  computers, one five mega pixel camera, solar re-chargeable batteries, and 16v solar panel to precisely control water circulation,  nutrients and let you know when you can harvest.

GrowBots send you an email everyday and upload their data to a central system that anonymizes and analyzes all the data from all GrowBots then updates all the GrowBots. The end result is your GrowBot is able to work better and better the older it gets.

GrowBots normally grow 5 times as much food as conventional gardens. Use 90% less water as a conventional garden and 70% less nutrients as a conventional garden.

Notice the Dates

GrowBots – Easy Robotic Gardens

  1. water themselves
  2. feed themselves
  3. do not require weeding
  4. do not require digging
  5. do not require mulching etc.
  6. 100% solar powered unless you are growing indoors

The two primary tasks are feeding and picking and occasionally you need to remove old plants and plant new seeds.

If you plant mostly greens such as lettuce, bok choi, chard etc then you can harvest a dinner plate size of greens nearly every day when the weather permits.