Easy Garden

As you can see, I have integrated a clear picture of GrowBot – the easy garden – to the top of this page. Why have I done this instead of opting for the traditional “catchy headline”?

Actually, there are two reasons:

  1. This is anything but “traditional” and I needed to make certain that I have your attention and that there’s no misinterpretation whatsoever.
  2. And the second, since this page is all about our revolutionary GrowBot and how to make your gardening incredibly easier and automated with Easy Robotic Garden, I thought using the actual product was a good idea.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Imagine a FULLY automated robotic garden that can grow a wide variety of FRESH vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc without requiring you to do any form of weeding, digging and watering like with typical traditional gardens.

The idea behind Easy Gardens…

  • Automated Watering
  • Automated Feeding/Fertilizing (Artificial Intelligence – AI)
  • See What’s Growing On Your Cellphone or Computer (IOT)
  • Great for Beginners or Anyone Wanting an Easy Garden
  • Grows a Wide Variety Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers
  • Can Grow a Salad a Day
  • More Convenient Than Shopping
  • The Freshest Vegetables
  • Solar Powered
  • Nearly Any Sunny Yard or Patio Will Do
  • Save 90% or more compared to Super Markets and Farmers Markets
  • Uses 90% less water than a traditional garden
  • Uses 70% less fertilizer than a traditional garden
  • Uses 1/5 the space of a traditional garden
  • Can extend most growing seasons by up to 4 months
  • Use organic and or organic sourced nutrients
  • No Weeding and absolutely No Digging

This Is Literally the ONLY All-Encompassing FULLY Automated Garden in the Market today… So You Can Simply Sit Back And Pick FRESH Vegetables from It Every Day Without All The “Hard Work.”

We’re able to achieve this mind-boggling feat after spending well over 8 years perfecting this fully automated hydroponic garden to work on almost any patio or yard.

And finally…!

For the First Time in a long time GrowBot Available To The Public!

The ONLY Complete Patio-To-Kitchen Automated Garden to Begin Growing Your Own FRESH Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, and etceteras – Starting IMMEDIATELY.

Picture taken by the GrowBot Easy Garden that gets emailed to you.

I know first-hand what a painful affair it is trying to garden using the old traditional route that everyone else is using – always leaving you with disappointing returns and the feeling that you just wasted months of your life.

Your Easy Automated Garden is going to help you to grow your own variety of FRESH vegetables right inside your own yard or patio without ALL the manual labor or any outside help whatsoever.

This groundbreaking fully automated garden can grow up to 60 plants simultaneously without the use of harmful chemicals like; pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

What is included in with a GrowBot: GrowBot computer including camera, solar-powered batteries, Wi-Fi, solar panel, 6 circulation pumps, 3 water hoses for circulation, water distribution system, 3 feeding pumps, 3 water valves, 3 nutrient reservoirs, 60 net pots, 3 water sensors, 3 trays, 3 tray tops, and durable cedar and redwood  frame with legs.

But that’s not all. We’re also going to include a 1 Year worth of seeds valued at $80 in your order for FREE as well as your very own customized automated Garden.

And just to keep your mind at rest about the quality of GrowBot… Your automated garden will come equipped with a FULL…

This is not one of those “fly by night” types of deal. So to show you how much we believe and stand behind our invention we’ll be offering you an industry leading 5 Years Warranty on the frame, troughs, tops, pumps, the computer, sensors, valves and solar cells.

This all-encompassing automated garden ALSO comes with a VIP Treatment Free Lifetime Support.

Making this investment a no-brainer. What do you have to lose?

Sure, you can try the conventional route: picking the RIGHT location and measuring the right size for your garden, picking the high-quality seeds to grow, planting and spacing your crops properly, weeding, fertilizing and watering the vegetables properly EVERY single, plus dozens of other things and then “hoping and praying” they all come together.

But why put yourself through all that when you can simply invest in GrowBot and Easy Automated Garden to do it all for you?

We’re saving you TONS of time, money and frustration here. When you invest in Easy Automated Garden you’re essentially buying SPEED and CONVENIENCE. Speed in the sense that you don’t have to drive all the way to the farmers market every time you need FRESH vegetables or herbs …you simply walk right in your backyard and pick everything you need.

You’re also buying a piece of mind knowing where and how your vegetables are grown and also knowing that all of the “grunt work” of gardening is already taken care of.

All you need to do to get your own Easy Garden is “fill in the order form” below and we’ll start assembling and tailoring your GrowBot for you immediately (Presently we estimate 6 to 8 weeks for most orders. And you can request a complete refund at any time up until the day we ship.)

No more guessing what’s for dinner as your robotic easy garden will email you a picture of what’s currently growing and ready for picking. Is that awesome or what? ☺

All of this is worth easily $5,000 but when you place your order today, you don’t have to pay anywhere near that much. If you place your order right now, you’ll get your very own customized robotic easy garden …for only $399.

With this revolutionary fully automated easy garden, we aim to make your gardening experience more pleasant, time-saving, and FUN. And remember you have a full FIVE YEARS WARRANTY and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Order Now!