Salad Machine – Model T Planting

Planting your Easy Garden

Start Growing in your Raised Bed Today

Did you know that a typical tomato plant takes 90 days before you can start harvesting?

The Easy Garden Model T keeps your plants so perfectly watered and fed that it can often reduce the growing time by 30%. If you and your neighbor with a traditional garden plant at the same time then you can start harvesting a month before they do. When they have been weeding their garden for 3 months you will have been doing something else with your Saturday mornings, like surfing.

Often it can take several hours of hard work to prepare the soil for even a small garden of 60 plants which does not include planting. Your EGT can often be fully planted in less than an hour. Lets get started.

STEP 1: Gather your coconut core, some +2in deep dishes and seeds.

We love coconut core because it’s sustainable, reliable and affordable.

STEP 2:(BE CAREFUL!) Boil water in a kettle or tea pot.

Hot Water to quickly hydrate coconut core.

Quickly prepare your growing media!

STEP 3:(BE CAREFUL!) Hydrate the coconut core with hot water.

STEP 4: Seeds and your fingers do not like heat. Wait till the coconut core cools before touching.

STEP 5: Massage the coconut core into net pots, being sure to close up the hole in the middle and place seeds on top of the coconut core. No need to bury the seeds. Use a spoon and chopstick to place small seeds. Put 2 to 5 seeds per coconut core.

STEP 6: Place in model T or … place in the dish with 1/4 in of water in it under a good quality grow light or under by a window with excellent sun.

STEP 7: If you placed directly in the salad machine check email.