Easy Garden is Reading Low Water

Your Easy Garden has 3 water sensors which are in each of the three growing tanks. The water sensors are for sensing if the tank has enough water or is it low on water. If the Easy Garden senses the water is low the Easy Garden will attempt to add water once per hour when there is full sun shining on the unobstructed solar panel.

Each tank holds about 2 gallons of water and each time the Easy Garden attempts to add water it can add about a gallon per hour under ideal conditions. The Easy Garden is very careful about adding water so as to never over fill the tanks.

There are several reasons that Easy Garden will attempt to add water but it can never add enough.

  1. the water hose is disconnected
  2. the water hose is connected but the faucet is off (very common)
  3. the water hose is connected but the faucet is not on enough (very common)
  4. the Easy Garden is no longer level it is actually tilted so that water flows out the over flow holes – (you will normally see a puddle around the camera end of the Easy Garden)
  5. water sensor or sensors are disconnected(this rarely happens for all three tanks at once)


  1. for errors 1, 2 and 3 connect the water hose and fully turn on the water
  2. for error 4 make sure the Easy Garden is level – repeat step #5 in the assembly
  3. for error 5 unseat and re-seat the water sensor plug into the socket — please note it is very rare for a working system to become unplugged .. this error is most often for new systems or recently moved systems

If none of the resoltions worked then we might need to replace the control board and water sensors.