Easy Garden a Garden for Busy People

The owner has never watered, dug, weeded or even fertilized this garden.

The garden is an AI enabled robot.

We automated gardening so you never need to water, feed or even dig out weeds.

You can be an awesome gardener and grow a big salad a day with your Easy Garden.

Uses less than 1/3 the cost of the fertilizer for a traditional garden!

The plant food she uses contains over 70 100% organic micro-nutrients. We care about you

In just a few easy steps you can be a successful gardener to.

1. you need a sunny location that has water and wifi

2. you need about 15 minutes to assemble your Easy Garden

3. you need to plant your easy garden for most people another 15 minutes

Most people can start harvesting small salads in about 3 weeks and dinosaur size salads in about 5 weeks.

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