About your GrowBot

On average lettuce takes 45 days to grow from seed to harvest. In a GrowBot it only takes on average 30 days. That’s a 30% time savings!

It gets better by only picking a few of the biggest leaves each time you harvest again in just a few days.

Oxygenated and nutrient rich blood is constantly circulating through your body. When you have lots of nutrients and oxygen in your blood you feel great, you think clearly and you have endless energy. Your GrowBots are circulating highly oxygenated and nutrient rich water to all the plants in your GrowBot garden.

Your GrowBot looks at the growing area, the solar panel and about foot to either side of the growing area. This total growing area is where your plants will likely grow. Some plants will of course grow far outside the growing area.
Everyday you are exposed to new things. Your brain stores that information then links it to everything else you have ever been exposed to. Your GrowBot is exposed to new information everyday and will store that information. However it’s a little different in that the information is stored in the cloud. That information is then linked to all the other GrowBots and the refined knowledge is shared to all the GrowBots. This is similar to how people function as a society as people share information and naturally combine it and the refined analogies are shared back. The analogies are far smaller than all the unrefined data.