James Brake

Founder and Visionary

Focus on what is good and expand it into your vision. Design, visualize and build the future you want – your vision.

I want a world where peoples motivation comes from their hearts.

Historically we foraged, we hunted, we fished, we had small farms and we merged into larger and larger groups specializing in our services to one another. We have changed the face of our world and we are capable of doing far more.

Automation technology has risen to the point that most jobs are being automated from Builder to Janitor to CEO to Demolition to Architect.

So what will you do when there are no bills to pay and there is no work that you ‘must do’?

Personally I think feeding people is a fantastic thing for us to do.

The births today and the deaths today … there is always more of the former.


Some other great reading on world population is here: