James Brake


Born and raised in rural Mississippi, James Brake expanded to become a self-taught technical wizard and entrepreneur. He finds inspiration in the sunrise Kauai surf, records his ideas on his iPhone, then heads back to his home shop to implement them. Before settling down with his wife and two daughters, he traveled for a decade through Asia, North and Central America. When the internet first woke up, it found James in Sourth Korea, where he learned Korean and taught English. There he programmed his first websites. California called, and James took a job at an email marketing company, where he first realized that his computer skills were exceptional. He rocketed up from tech support to manage network operations and the entire support staff of a large email marketing company. Wanting a faster pace of accomplishment, James split off to form his own online bookstore, about the same time as Amazon. Having built one of the first functional online shopping carts to implement his bookstore, he soon turned to rescuing other ecommerce merchants from shopping cart hell. Learning more at every step, James built and launched an integrated web-based event planning, CRM, and email platform that still hosts major clients today. From that springboard, he signed up for a yearlong entrepreneurial training called L7 that boosted his marketing and management skills to a new level. James moved with his family to Kauai, retreating to a simpler life. There, naturally, he engineered an AI-driven robotic garden, since he obviously needed one. Surprised by the intense interest in his pet project, he pivoted to refine his revolutionary ideas into the commercially viable Growbot project. Today, Growbot is poised to revolutionize food for billions, by automating gardening for continuous, low-cost, high-quality, high-variety food grown directly in the home.

To be honest I do like Bio’s because they give you an idea of how someone was. The now though is more important and way more fun.  So below are my plans for how to make an amazing company.


  1. Real Wage – wages high enough to buy a home, retirement savings, go on vacations, support a family, support kids through higher education, full medical and dental etc. Our goal is to be able to hire and keep amazing people. The majority of our employees will be home based and live in rural areas so we don’t expect our employees wages to be to far above competitive compensation.
  2. Guaranteed Employment is a way of allowing our company to automate at the fastest possible rate, test and quickly end test projects, end failed products quickly which allows us to focus on what is working and test new ideas quickly. Guaranteed Employment – basically we don’t fire or layoff people if their job is outsourced, automated, or no longer needed for any reason. When a persons present tasks are vaporized, people can create a new job in the company and or find a new job in the company.  It will be an important part of our hiring process to make sure we hire people that are multi-interested, very smart, great communicators as well as driven to be of service. We theorize this guarantee will accelerate our growth. When a person is able to automate/eliminate their present job they can then create or get a new job in the company.   This guarantee also removes the guilt of eradicating jobs from the company which allows other employees to optimize and automate to the fullest extent. There is no guilt in eradicating your coworkers job. Quite the opposite by eradicating that persons job you allow them to explore other possibilities without fear of making them scramble to find a new job and potentially create more profit for the company. People perform their best when they are doing good, have the tools and access they need and they are free of fear.
  3. Business Culture two books we really liked a lot were ‘Start Something That Matters‘ and ‘How Google Works‘ both will have a big influence on our business culture.
  4. Our board of directors will be 50% employees.  This employee involvement in the companies direction will have a huge positive impact on employee loyalty.  It also will help us to leverage the full brilliance of our workforce which often gets lost when highly intelligent people are kept out of the decision making process and we will only higher highly intelligent people as full time employees. We expect this method to also be one of our most powerful growth accelerators.
  5. Half our profits will be distributed to the employees. This will help us to insure our employees creativity, risk, hard work and dedication do not go unrewarded. This is another area that will vastly accelerate our growth we can keep salaries lower till profit has arrived and employees have a vested interest in profits.
  6. Getting all employees and the employees of our vendors Smart Lifed – The impact of this could be our biggest Social Investment win. What if we only paid the majority of our employees pocket money, money for traveling charity etc because they have no bills? What if our competitors and our vendors competitors were forced to do the same? 🙂 Natural Utopia?!


To us it’s a given you don’t poison the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breath. The world is just one place eventually pollution spreads everywhere else. You don’t destroy the forests that clean the air, clean the water and insure our bio-diversity that is critical for our own future. We also need to fix what we broke and setup sustainable systems.

GrowBot uses one fifth the space of a traditional farm, uses 90% less water, uses 70% less fertilizer, is 100% solar powered. Imagine streams, rivers, lakes and our oceans with no farm originated pollution. No farm caused soil erosion. Imagine the massive reduction in CO2 emissions when we can remove the majority of the energy intensive infrastructure that is presently used to rapidly transport vegetables long distances and keep it refrigerated during transit. GrowBots also massively cut down on food waste, over 95% of the food grown with GrowBots is eaten. Consider that 40% of the food is presently wasted.

Founder Friendly Investment Terms

Generally this means investors will get to share in profits and will have an advisory role if they want it. We have a 15% annual profit goal however with our extreme focus on high-end automation at all levels we might be able to do a little better.

If you are aligned with our vision great, if you are interested in learning more ask.