Supplies For Your GrowBot Easy Hydroponic Garden Needs to Thrive

Your Hydroponic Easy Garden – GrowBot needs nutrients, seeds and coconut core to thrive.

The nutrient to add into the reservoir is Botanicare Pure Blend Tea.

Pure Blend Tea is made from all natural and wild sourced ingredients. Which means it’s not quite organic but it is is very very close.

We continue to look for a full organic nutrient if you know of one please let us know!

If you want to give your plants a nice growing boost you can add a big scoop of Maxigro about once a week depending on the size of your plants .  I add mine on Fridays.

  • Seedlings –  do not add
  • 3 to 4 ins(10cm) or taller –  you can add once a week
  • if you have a couple of big plants like cucumbers and tomatoes +3ft(1m) you can add several times per week as well as add 5ml of cal-mag once or twice a week

If your plants will be having some days in the +80F or higher temperatures then you might want to add some extra nutrients.  I have had good results by adding 5ml of Silica and 5ml Calcium + Magnesium every couple of days. I add the nutrients directly to the main tanks.  You can raise a netpot out of the nutrient just be mindful to minimize disturbing the roots.

When replanting you will need coconut core. You place the seeds in this naturally produced easy on the environment growing media.

You will also need seeds. We like Johnnys because they have a very high germination rate.  However when we are in our neighborhood garden center and see a seed pack that just looks wonderful .. well we just buy them.  Sometimes we get lucky and the seeds germinate quickly.


If you have suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to let us know!