How To Pick a Sustainable Salad

Normally you will be picking from your GrowBot everyday or at least several times per week. Normally, picking a large salad only takes a few minutes. Picking herbs and other vegetables is also really fast.

Picking a salad is easy super easy:

  • take a few leaves from each of your leafy greens

  • pinch and twist

  • try to pick evenly

Power Tips

  • Make sure to leave a few large leaves on each plant. The leaves you leave will power the growth of more leaves.

  • Take the leaves that are beneath other leaves.

  • Take leaves that are covering smaller plants.

Don't Worry! Twice a week we send an email to you with a reminder to water and feed your GrowBot.


Instant Salad Bar

"If I feel a little pressed for time and I am only picking enough for me. I'll just pick a large handful of microgreens and eat them in the yard." -James Brake