Get the Most From Your GrowBot

I really like that so much can be done in such a small space.

You have approximately 78 spaces depending on how your Growbot is configured.

On average you harvest the leaves from 6 to 10 plants to make one nice big salad. Always leave a few big leaves on each of the plants you harvest from. The leaves you leave will grow more leaves. Different varieties of lettuce and local growing conditions will dictate how long it will take to regrow what you just harvested but it's often only 4 days.  If it is 4 days and you are harvesting from 10 plants per day. Then that is 40 plants. Keep in mind that lettuce will eventually bolt. When lettuce bolts it no longer is edible. Depending on the variety and local growing conditions it could be as long as 5 weeks or just 2 weeks.

That leaves 38 plants to do something else with. Normally you will have some herbs, other greens and other vegetables growing in the other 38 slots. However once every two weeks you will want to plant 6 to 10 new plants. This steady stream of new plants will help to keep your GrowBot perpetually growing.

To keep things even more efficient you can start your seeds in a growing tray so that when you place them in your GrowBot the plants are already 2 or three weeks old are very close to being ready to produce.