Easy Weatherproof Case for Raspberry Pi Zero W and PiCamera v1.3 or v2.1

Do you need an outdoor case or enclosure for your Your Amazing Outdoor Raspberry Pi Zero W Photography Project?

The story behind our weatherproof case for the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

We build solar powered outdoor fully automated (robotic) gardens. We needed a simple, functional and inexpensive enclosure for an RPI and Camera. We could not find one so we invented one and continually refine it.

Introducing the RPI Jam Jar



  • Protect your RPI from Rain, Dust, and Splashes
  • Lens Protector
  • Heavy Glass, Metal and Plastic Construction.
  • Water proof wire way once sealed with appropriate sealant.
  • Water proof lens protector
  • Easily clean lens protector with q-tips and rubbing alcohol
  • Easily mounts on easy to find 1/4in camera mounts
  • Camera Mount is Pre-Seated and attached with special glass and plastic glue
  • Easily see if your your RPI is powered on

How To Weather Proof Raspberry Pi Zero W using the Jam Jar

What You Will Need

  1. Jam Jar Kit for Raspberry PI Zero W
  2. Male Right Angle Micro USB Cable we recommend this one from Amazon.


  1. make sure your RPI will boot and get online via wifi before mounting in case
  2. mount your camera and raspberry pi
  3. prepare your cable
    1. cut your RPI right angle power cable about 3 inches from the right angle micro usb end
    2. pass the largest part of the cable through the hole from the outside
    3. splice the cable back together (we are very fancy about it and will solder and then heat shrink it – if you want us to do this and seal the wire let us know)
  4. seal your camera cable – most waterproof silicon based caulk will do fine but if you are in really challenging conditions then find the best sealant for you needs
  5. make sure your camera and RPI are firmly mounted
  6. make sure the USB power cable passes through the ring
  7. insert the lid into the jar
  8. align the camera so it will be up once the enclosure is mounted
  9. tighten the ring so it is very tight
    1. – if the jar will be in a very wet environment coat the lip of the jar with a sealant that will pull away if you later need access to your RPI
    2. as you are tightening the ring you might need to adjust the alignment a little
  10. plug the USB power cable into a 5v power charger rated to power RPI’s

Considerations / FAQ / Disclaimer

  1. Heat – RPI’s are designed to work in hot places(85°C/185°F) but we don’t recommend putting your JAM Jar with the RPI turned all day in hot weather.
    1. We do use this container in hot weather and in full sun in hot weather but we only turn the RPI on for a few minutes at a time then turn it off.
    2. A little shade can do wonders. If you need shade where it is not easily found let us know and we can make the camera mount with a method to attach a shade.
  2. Do not submerge in water. Rain is fine, heavy rain is fine, heavy blowing rain is fine. We just did not build the Jam Jar to with stand underwater pressure(the lens seating will likely fail) we can build one and it would be fun! So ask if you need it.
  3. Caustic environment … if you are going to use in a salty or another corrosive environment then prime and paint the lid. Also monitor the lid for corrosion and replace it before it loses water proof integrity.
  4. Please note the lid is made from ABS plastic so don’t expose it to Acetone and don’t let it get over (220°C/428°F). We can also build with an integrated lid but … likewise we just did not build it that way .. people are not putting their GrowBots on boats.

We don’t have control over how you use the Jam Jar hence we offer no warranty beyond the parts and materials we supply. That being said we love the case and we love our Rapberry Pi’s plus the Mason Jar brings back fond memories of our childhood.

Jam Jar Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero W

by Garden Island Robotics of Princeville HI


  • 8oz Mason Jar with Threaded Metal Ring
  • Custom Camera and Raspberry Pi Zero W Mount and PiCamera Mount (v1.3 and v2.1)
  • Mounting Screws for RPI and Camera
  • Protective Lens Pre-seated and Sealed
  • Case camera mount for standard 1/4in camera mounts.
  • 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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