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Introducing the GrowBot.

GrowBot Abundance

What Are You Eating?

Do you love microgreens?

Do you prefer fresh farmer's market produce because everything tastes better?

How often are you getting to your local farmers markets?

How often do your vegetables rot in your fridge?

Would you like to grow your own fresh herbs?

Are you aware of how many nutrients our produce loses after they are picked?

 Do you ever worry about what chemicals are in your vegetables?

Have you dreamed of growing a food garden but are not presently doing it for whatever reason?

Are you someone who wants to grow food on your lanai?

Are you ready for a paradigm-shifting way to access incredibly fresh food everyday?

Are you ready for an easy way to grow food that does not require weeding and digging?


I had the same challenges and questions keep reading to learn what I discovered.


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Highly Nutritious

"My hope is that every mouthful of food we eat is highly nutritious for us, is sustainable for the environment, is affordable, and is as easy as possible to access. With 30 years of programming under my belt, I think we can achieve this."

- James Brake, Inventor of GrowBot

About GrowBot Inventor

About GrowBot Inventor

My name is James Brake and I invented the GrowBot, an extremely functional and very cool way to grow food. I am a father, husband, son, brother, inventor, programmer, systems architect, and a big-picture innovator.

I have many pioneers, frontiersman and farmers on both sides of my family. Independence, resourcefulness, and community were values passed down to myself and my siblings from a young age.

The most important guiding principle of my life, shared with me in my twenties by a friend in Alaska goes like this.

This friend told me to ask myself and ponder...


Did you give anything for your life?


Do you think you should give something back?


With this, I hope you enjoy what you learn about the GrowBot and that you join me and my family as we create a clearing for this new way of looking at food production and consumption. Built inside the intelligence of the GrowBot is my heart-felt intention that we become as independent as possible with our food consumptiopn, that we walk on this earth lightly, and that we create opportunities to make the world a better and healthier place to live.

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The Infamous Rat Race

What if your job only paid you enough to survive?

What if you did not like that job and or the job had a toxic environment?

What if the money you made barely paid your bills?

What if your bills keep going up but your pay does not?

How do you get ahead if you have no time, no energy and or money to get ahead?

Do you want out of the rat race?

Changing My Life

"I felt enslaved. I never blamed anyone for my predicament but once I realized it I set a goal on changing my life." - James Brake

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A Small Investment and a Little Nurturing

You know that one way to really get ahead is to make more than you spend and to save part of your excess.

You know that one way to make more than you spend is to spend less.

You know that spending less, if done wisely, can actually improve the quality of your life.

You know that having a savings account and investments is better than living pay check to pay check.

You know that small investments with some regular nurturing and attention over time can have a huge pay off.


"I realized one day that I was sick and incredibly overwhelmed so I started to make small changes to slow down, starting with working only a normal 40 hour work week. The change really hit us financially but it had to be done. Rather than go back to overworking I started on a path to get healthy." - James Brake

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Trading Time for Money

You know, time is the one thing we do not get more of.

You know, time is best spent following our desires.

You know, trading time for money had better be worth it.

You know, free time with money in your pocket is better than free time when you are broke.

You know, spending your time wisely is very very important.

How long does it take make the money to go buy food that only rots in your fridge?

What if you had more free time? more spending money? and less stress?

Fear of Being Homeless

"All through my 30's I worked 60+ hours per week.  I had this fear that if I did not work all the time we would lose everything and end up homeless. It was not the life I had wanted and I was miserable." - James Brake

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A New Way to Get Your Food

What is a GrowBot? 

A garden that does not require the hard work of weeding or digging.

A garden that saves you time, less trips to the grocery store or farmer's markets.

A garden that saves you money. Once it is yours, you can enjoy a huge salad a day for pennies.

A garden that is easy enough for almost anyone. No green thumb required.

A garden that integrates with a modern life. Growbot will either send you an email reminding you to nurture it twice a week or if you get an upgraded version, Growbot will send you daily pictures of your plants, and will water and mineralize your food automatically.

A garden that is sustainable. Solar powered, organic, uses 90% less water than traditional farming.

A garden that is environmentally responsible. On Kauai much of our food is shipped in. It might feel good to have less dependence on our local grocery stores for our food.

A garden that promotes your independence. Food can be growing on your lanai or backyard right now. When you leave the island, bring it to a friend's house to share the wealth.

A garden that promotes community. You could be growing more kale than you want to eat. If you neighbor has herbs, you could trade.

Follow the Fun Stuff

"I just want to do the fun stuff. Pulling a few weeds is no big deal and can be kind of fun..... but pulling weeds for several hours a week? No thanks! So I made it easy." - James Brake

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How To Pick a Sustainable Salad

Normally you will be picking from your GrowBot everyday or at least several times per week. Normally, picking a large salad only takes a few minutes. Picking herbs and other vegetables is also really fast.

Picking a salad is easy super easy:

  • take a few leaves from each of your leafy greens

  • pinch and twist

  • try to pick evenly

Power Tips

  • Make sure to leave a few large leaves on each plant. The leaves you leave will power the growth of more leaves.

  • Take the leaves that are beneath other leaves.

  • Take leaves that are covering smaller plants.

Don't Worry! Twice a week we send an email to you with a reminder to water and feed your GrowBot.


Instant Salad Bar

"If I feel a little pressed for time and I am only picking enough for me. I'll just pick a large handful of microgreens and eat them in the yard." -James Brake

Kinds GrowBots

Nurture is great for people that have very limited space but still want amazingly fresh, convenient and affordable vegetables several times a week.

Abundance is a powerful growing platform that easily produces enough salad, herbs and other vegetables for couples and small families.

Enlightened has the same growing capacity as Abundance but has automated watering and feeding. Enlightened also connects to your home's wifi to send you daily pictures of what is growing so you can easily see what's for dinner.

What helps to feed my family?

"At present, we have three Abundance GrowBots and one Nurture GrowBot. The Abundance have about half lettuce but also quite a few herbs, tatsoi, bok choi, spinach, cucumber and tomatillo. The Nurture GrowBot has different types of kale. I plan on getting four more but I'll have those configured for bigger plants like cucumber, tomatoes and root vegetables." -James Brake

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The Awesome Email

Twice a week we send an email that:

  1. reminds you to water and feed your GrowBots

  2. asks if you watered and fed your plants last time

  3. asks how you are doing and how your GrowBots are doing

The Awesome Email Part 2

"Oddly enough, I am ahead of the game on my watering and feeding. After about a month of getting the emails the watering and feeding is now a habit." -James Brake

Easily Plant Your GrowBot

4 Easy steps

1. Hydrate the coconut core.

2. Put the pellets in the netpots.

3. Place the seeds.

4. Place the pellets that are in the netcups with seeds in the holes in your GrowBot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.53.02 AM

5. (optional) Place a cup over the netpot to protect seeds and hasten germination.

Determination Pays Off

"I made my first hydroponics system in 2009. I was super impatient at the time so I would buy seedlings at $2 each from my local nursery and then rinse the dirt from the roots then put in my system. It was a steep and expensive learning curve but I am glad I kept at it. The above method is easy, sustainable and super cheap." - James Brake

Can You Move a Garden?

Where to put your GrowBot(s)?

Like most things in life it's a balance and things change. Fortunately two people can easily move a GrowBot in just a few minutes so if your first location is not good try another one. One tip here, put it where you can see it easily.

Put your GrowBot(s) in a sunny location as close to the main entrance of your home as you can.


If you have a sunny location where you visit often like a patio or backyard, put your GrowBot(s) there.

GrowBot's mission is to make a positive difference in your life. We want you to use your GrowBot(s).

Do you want to get many thousands of delicious, healthy meals from your Growbot(s)?

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.21.18 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.21.54 PM

Will you put it by your frontdoor?

"My GrowBots are beside the path that leads to our home's main entrance. We do get more sun in our backyard but we don't go there as often." -James Brake

What if all your Neighbors Were Friends?

Share, trade, barter, you name it. Giving and receiving food is an effective way to build and sustain community. Imagine your neighbor coming over with a big bag of microgreens, or a bouquet of herbs freshly picked from their GrowBot. Or imagine having people over for pupus one evening and serving a huge platter of recently harvested from GrowBot kale chips fresh out of the oven.

Feeling Grateful

"I always feel grateful when I receive food as a gift, and I just love gifting food. In the past, more people farmed, gathered and hunted and sharing good fortune was really common. It is not as easy to share when you slave away for every dollar and barely have enough to get by." - James Brake

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A typical large salad with everything from arugula, lettuce, chard, kale, endive to microgreens beets, from your GrowBot would have an average cost of about $.19 and take about 2 minutes of your day.

The grocery store near my house charges about $8 for a bag of comparable salad (but obviously not as fresh) and takes about 5 minutes to drive and park in both directions, plus an average of 10 minutes in the store and about a minute to rinse it. 

The bag of grocery store salad equals about 2 of my salads in quantity.

So $.19 plus two minutes for super fresh salad or $4.00 plus 10.5 minutes for old salad.

(How we calculated the nineteen cents: $15 for 1kg of nutrient / 60g used per week = 16.6 weeks of nutrient. You will use aproximately 78 coconut core pellets at about $.10 each over the 16.6 weeks)


"What if you grew all your vegetables with GrowBots? You can look at the above and see that you can easily recuperate your initial investment in less than a year. How much will you save over 5 years?" James Brake

What to Plant?

When you start we would recommend keeping it easy. Easiest and fastest to grow are microgreens, salad vegetables, bokchoy, tatsoi, and herbs like basil. Mix in a few tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, chard etc as you get more comfortable with your GrowBot. But then, it all depends on what your and your family want to eat.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.33.39 PM

Do you have a GreenThumb?

"With some love, regular attention, decent consistency your GrowBot will be sure to flourish." James Brake

What Can You Plant?

Here is everything we have tried so far and they all grew fine.

Arugula, Basil, Beans, Beets, Bochoy, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cantalope, Carrots, Celery, Chard, Chili pepper, Chives, Collard Greens, Cucumber, Dandelion, Endive, Kale, Lettuce, Marigolds, Mustard, Okra, Onions, Oregano, Peas, Pepper, Pumpkin, Rosemary, Spearmint, Spinach, Squash, Strawberries, Tatsoi, Watercress, Watermelon, Wintermelon, Zucchini and much more ...

The limitations are mostly concerning how much sun your GrowBot will have access to, the temperature, and size of the roots.

Plant Anything?

"At present, the the only thing you don't want to grow is fennel and plants like potatoes. Oddly enough, fennel produces a pheromone that causes other plants to bolt." James Brake


Thin your seedlings so you have stronger growth. 

  • Generally it is safe to thin once the stems are about an inch high.

  • Thin by using small scissors to snip the stalk right above the base.

  • Leave one plant per pod.

  • Try to leave the biggest and strongest pod per plant.

  • Thin in late afternoon right before dark.

  • Wet the remaining plants with a mister.

  • Don't worry too much if you did not thin.

  • It will take a few days for your plants to perk up and recover after thinning.

Really Yummy?

"Thinning can be really yummy. So make sure you bring a basket to collect your treat." James Brake

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.43.33 PM

Artificial Intelligence of the Enlightened GrowBot

How much water was used? How much fertilizer was used? Strength of the sun today? What was the temperature? How much growth? What was growing together? How much was picked? All these questions answered on a scale never attempted. The answers are then used to upgrade your GrowBot remotely and completely automated.

Data Driven Decisions

"The artificial intelligence is very useful and getting more useful as we gather more data." James Brake


Kids Love GrowBots

Just like adults kids love to watch their GrowBots grow food. They love to pick and they love to eat what they helped to nurture.

Eating Fresh Vegetables

"Our kids are used to eating fresh vegetables. They are picky like most kids and if the vegetables have gotten bitter because they are old or overripened they will not be too happy about it." James Brake

Smart Growing

Because you are part of our large network of GrowBot users you will know what grows great, what does not grow great and or what is a 'maybe'.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.44.32 PM

Free of Toxic Chemicals

"My grandfather who was a very conservative life long republican simply did not trust the chemical companies. With a track record of many agricultural chemicals being pulled from the market after their patents expire,  they are shown to be toxic and or the scandals of conflicts of interest where elected officials and government employees that regulate the industry also work for the industry... I think my grandfathers distrust was well founded." -- James Brake

Long Life

Your growbot is made from high quality materials such as sustainably farmed red wood, solar panels made from strong tempered glass, brushless fluid bearing pumps and durable UV protected food grade plastics.

Will it Last?

"If you are like me you simply want things to last." James Brake

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.48.01 PM

How You Are Helping Healthy Rivers and Oceans

When your GrowBot is planted with a nice mix of plants you get yummy variety and there is no toxic buildup of nutrients that you often get when you only plant one kind of plant. It just works. You don't need to dump your nutrients, ever. Oddly enough most farms have a very toxic excess nutrients runoff from their fields that is causing dead zones at the river mouths of most rivers. Once you start using GrowBots for part or all your food you will be part of the solution to making the world better than when you got here.

Healthy Ocean

"I love snorkeling, surfing, fishing. It is sad though that to see healthy reefs I have to go far far far away from farms and golf courses." James Brake

Got Water?

It is amazing how little water a GrowBot uses on average 90% less than a typical garden but if you are using in a temperature controlled environment it is as high as 99.5% less water.

We Can Live Sustainably

"Would we still have water shortages if we grew our food sustainably?" James Brake

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.00.19 PM

5 Year Warranty

We have an industry leading 5 year warranty on the frame, troughs, tops, pumps, computer, sensors, valves and solar cells.


"I had considered the 'typical' one year  warranty however I feel much much better about our five year warranty. GrowBots are well made from quality parts and a well tested design." -- James Brake


The only way the food could get any fresher is if it was growing in your mouth.


"I just love our Growbots. Really really easy, very reliable, way more convenient than going to the store or even ordering online." James Brake


Basically none. No waste. You can recycle, compost and or reuse everything.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.44.58 PM

Do our kids have a bright future?

"I love this world and I have kids. My kids are amazing, I cannot describe to you the depth of love I feel for them. I also have an amazing wife and incredibly supportive family and community. That love is what motivates me to leave the world a better place than when I got here. We have a commitment to zero waste. Everything that is not immediately reused can either be put in your recycling bin or put in your compost pile." James Brake

Food Glut? Famine? or Perpetual Feast?

GrowBot has extra planting capacity that if used thoughtfully will allow you to have multiple crops of the same staples growing simultaneously.  This perpetual feast is easily attained basically every week or so  you are pulling a few plants and planting a few.

Global Warming

"As you will see your GrowBots produces a lot more than what you put in. The plants in your GrowBot consume water, nutrients and carbon dioxide the main culprit of global warming." -- James Brake

GrowBot Logo

Repairing the Earth

Through a group called "Trees For The Future" we plant 100 Trees per GrowBot sold. The trees are planted in areas where desertification happened because of deforestation, over grazing, and modern farming.

Positive Impact

"We love Trees For The  Future - They make a real positive impact on millions of people." James Brake

Tips for Easy Usage

Make sure the leaves don't grow over your solar panels.

Occasionally the netpots will get tilted and then fall in. Re-seating a netpot is quite fast -  reach down pull the edge of the netpot it will flex and then come through - then re-seat it.

Sometimes when removing mature plants their roots will break off and be sucked into the pump you will know this if you hear your pumps making noise. To fix first find which pump is not happy by shading  each of the solar panels in succession till the noise stops.  Second lift the rear of the tray top opposite the solar panel and clean the roots from the pumps grill. If the pump is still making noise gently pull out the hose and put the grill side of the pump in the water. Once the water is blasting out again gently push the hose back in careful to keep the pump beneath water.

A deep cleaning once a year is not difficult and will help to insure your GrowBot is operating at it's best.

Cleanliness ...

"Generally just keep your GrowBot clean." James Brake
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.42.13 PM

Customer Testimonials

It’s nice to have a wide variety of herbs to choose from, especially for someone like me who loves to cook. Here the fresh herbs are so expensive in the market that I end up using dried herbs and of course it’s not the same. So oregano, garlic chives, even sage I’ll use a lot in my cooking, and basil of course. And then lavender and rosemary I put them on potatoes with a lot and sage too. Oregano, I love on my popcorn. It adds a little bit of kick. For a person who does not like spicy food, I have to have things like oregano.

Alice - Princeville HI

If I have dark greens I eat them twice a day. I put them in my smoothie in the morning with fruit and I put them in my salad in the evening. To have the mixture of lettuce, chard and kale is even better for making a tasty salad. And the herbs too, I just throw them in.

Lynn - Haena HI

I just got my GrowBot and I love all kinds of lettuce so I cannot wait to see what is going to grow out there. So many flavors will come out of just those little cups. I can see there are many cups of lettuce and it’s going to be like an adventure waking up to see whats going on each day.

Brandon - Kapaa HI

I feel like a mamma watching over her new babies. I want to keep hovering over them. I know I will come out several times today to keep checking on them. It also looks so delicious already.

Dana - Princeville HI

You Did It

"I get the biggest kick out of watching people pick their own food. Food they grew easily, sustainably and responsibly." James Brake

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.21.42 AM

Scale Really Does Matter

For the biggest impact purchase one or more Abundance and or Englightment per person in your family. If you have limited space get one or more Nurture GrowBots per person in your family.


GrowBot Nurture - (out of stock)

Solar Powered, 26 Plants, 5 Year Warranty, produces several salads and herbs per week.


GrowBot Abundance

Solar Powered, 78 Plants, 5 Year Warranty, a nice salad, other greens and herbs per day.


GrowBot Enlightened - (out of stock)

Solar Powered, 78 Plants, 5 Year Warranty, a nice salad, other greens and herbs per day.

Automated Watering! Automated Feeding! Sends you a picture with whats growing!