Lots of Rain on our Outdoor Hydroponic Gardens – GrowBot!

The GrowBots(hydroponic automated gardens for home use) with new case covers and pressure equalization update have been thoroughly rain tested for the last 6 days.  Did another physical inspection this morning after a many hard rains last night and early this morning and I am happy to report all is well.

As soon as things dry out we will start delivering GrowBots again.



GrowBots Status

Presently I have all the parts for all the Kauai GrowBot owners and all the solar panels for the remaining GrowBot owners on the US mainland.

Electronics and Software is all working very well we fixed the last known bug several weeks ago. The only thing we need to fix before we start delivering the Kauai GrowBots is a condensation issue.

The latest RPI and camera waterproof case.

For those people that know me well .. 🙂 You know I am not content with one method fixes aka I like backups .. and really I love backups on top of backups on top of backups.

So we are engineering multiple anti-condensation methods into the design and testing them.

You might ask .. why this glitch now? The answer is we have rarely had the machines so well sealed and also last so long.  It’s actually a great problem to have and we are glad we noticed it before delivering. We do greatly appreciate your continued patience.