Our Site Now Has a Menu!

We have added many of the pages we had talked about in the last post! Still quite a few to go … but good solid progress.

GrowBot parts for Kauai residents have been delivered.  I found one glitch in the feeding algorithm that we fixed and re-added in one of the final code pieces. That final piece is a kind of a ‘catchall’ program that will put the GrowBot to sleep if it gets to caught up in a task. That sleep program is .. well it’s just like our own need to sleep :-).  The reason we had to re-add the sleep code was because it makes testing really tricky so we remove it when we are doing dev work.



Lots of New Content Coming Up

As we are steadily refining manufacturing and optimizing the hardware and software we are also creating content. Here is our list of topics so far.

  • How GrowBot works
  • Why
  • Our ideas for making an incredible company.
  • About
  • Who we are
  • Social Investors
  • Purchasing
  • Goals
  • Benefits
  • How to’s .. such as planting and harvesting
  • Employees
  • Smart Life
  • Setup  and Installation
  • GrowBot Requirements